Yes, I’m Better

Progress continues: some more stitches have come out (not all yet) , the nose-scab is down to a snarky-looking dot, energy level is coming right back up, and I’ll be looking for a new bifocal prescription pretty soon, when the final soreness is gone.

Yes, the new computer system Kate came to install is nearing completion, as witness I’m sitting here with a new box, same display and my beloved old keyboard, and new headphones now working since Kate got the app downloaded & installed.    That should be TWO new computer systems, because R-‘s old computer was about to go the way of mine.   Re-organization is going on throughout the land, so to speak (read: “house”) and yet more horse-feed-sacks of stuff has been sent away.  The shredder’s been busy.   I’m reveling in music I haven’t heard like this for quite a while, since the earlier realgood headphones died.  (Bose, if you’re interested.  I have the wireless ones now.  Chopin Nocturnes on at the moment.  Unlike the cheaper ones I bought at Best Buy, they don’t hurt my ears and produce better sound.)

Recovered (thanks to Kate) are all the relevant passwords.  I’m back onto my social media basics.  Data (and CD) retrieval from the old system is up for next week, along with some other goodies.  But just being able to sit her and listen to music that’s not tinny or … otherwise impaired, and write on this keyboard with a machine that works silently and smoothly…is sheer bliss.

What’s new in the writing: some scenes related  to Horngard I, or maybe Horngard II, or in between.   Economics again.  Without spoilering Horngard I, it’s hard to discuss, but I’m exploring the effects of…um…a new resource, let’s say.  Or several, introduced here in the Immerhoft Sea, and up in the north of Aarenis.   What behaviors would lead to a stable, long-lasting improvement in the economics of the Guild League states, as opposed to a fragile, oscillation between “feast and starve” situations.   Will anyone have the sense to do *that* instead of *this*–the familiar present & recent history?

The stories in Deeds of Youth take points of view of younger characters, some still strongly swayed by parental influence (in the two main shapes that influence shows up, in conformity or opposition.)   The scenes I’m working on are from adult POVs, people well into their occupations, familiar with how things work. Like us and not like us, because their world is very different.  They are in a world with multiple long-lived peoples (the Elders)  and in many cases have learned something from them.  They are less sure they’re the smartest, most innovative, most capable beings in the world than many humans now believe they are.  It’s a lot of fun to write.

Meanwhile concerns about the bang on the head having undone some of the previous laborious recovery from the 2018 concussion are fading, because the writing is moving steadily, characters generating as they should…and I read an article in SCIENCE and another in NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE and clearly understood both.  OK, the brain is staying connected.  Occasional word-finding difficulty that resolves in a few minutes is NOT a sign of impending mental collapse. Not yet, anyway.  “She persists.”

7 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Better

  1. Losing words is one of those “oh no!” things for so many of us, I have to remind myself that I have always lost words when I’m enthusiastic and my mouth gets ahead of my brain. Also that there is no doubt that initially the gabapentin, and now the pregabalin do NOT help my brain even though they do help with the pain.

    I am so glad to hear that everything is progressing nicely, but particularly your recovery, it’s lovely to hear.

  2. I’m glad you persist! I’m finally enjoying music, in small doses. I’m glad you have good music to listen to again.

  3. This is a very good post – good for you. I too lose words sometimes, but do not depend on word writing for my living.

    Enjoy the spring and the horses.

    From up here in New Hampshire

  4. Hooray for the continued recovery. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been praying you wouldn’t have a relapse after this latest bonk on the head with a very, very large object. Those sailors from the Immerhoft Sea use much smaller objects than hit you to shanghi their crew or cargo.

  5. I’m very glad to see the update, to hear of your continuing recovery, and of progress with the computer and with writing. Very best wishes that all continue, and that you have moderate weather that you can enjoy.

  6. Glad the recovery is going well.
    I’ve got a new term for you–“benign scienescent forgetfulness”. Compliments of the physiology professor for whom I worked as a TA. It is so much fun to say!

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