One Stitch Out

One of the stitches in my lip came out this morning…the ER doctor (not naming him bc I don’t know if he wants his name spread around a bunch)  wanted them to stay in for 10 days, but…these self-dissolving ones let go when they feel like it.  And I kept laughing at things Kate said yesterday, so  I felt it sort of crawling around on my lip and touched it and there it was…the outside still a black stiff kmotted bit with no connection to my lip-skin.  The others (inside, outside) are still there.    Didn’t need any Tylenol yesterday, and though there was some discomfort it wasn’t bad except the time I banged my lip on something.   Woke up free from face-smash pain this morning.  YAY!!!

Still some pulling from stitches when I ate breakfast, but nothing bad.  Recovery well advanced.  The swollen knee is more uncomfortable.  Going to wash the breakfast dishes now.  Looking forward to the end of the inside stitches, which (no matter how I tried) wanted to tangle with the toothbrush when brushing (trying to brush) the front (outside) surface of upper incisors.   I could, after several days, gain enough room to wiggle the brush in and do the sides, tops, even the insides of the other teeth, but those incisors are right behind where the lip split and the ends of those stitches are like a mustache on the inside of my lip.  Or feel like it to my tongue, when I finally could wedge my tongue up there (swelling down enough.)

When the stitches are all out, the big thick scab off the end of my nose, I’ll take a picture of the recovered face, and–when the new system’s in and has its new photo-handling stuff in place–the picture taken the day after the “incident” and let you  see how it looks x days after.  I think by the 10th day I’ll be presentable in public again.  (despite having gong out in public to vote on Monday and on Wednesday to buy computer kit with Kate.  Pushing the protein has been a big help, I think, in the recovery.

6 thoughts on “One Stitch Out

    1. Likewise, Annabel. Nice to know the healing is progressing (and it is!) Deep bruising is slower than stitched cuts, I now realize, as the knee I landed on the hardest is still very stiff and sore. But I’m so much better than a week ago.

  1. I hope you are feeling a lot better by now, though I guess your knee is still a problem, and probably a variety of colours at this point.

  2. More stitches out. More stuff accomplished on tech additions & upgrades, thanks to Kate. However, on this machine I seem to have lost the confidence of the websites that I am who I am, and the passwords are back on the dead machine. We aren’t done yet.

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