Where’d she Go?

Got sick last week, have been seriously miserable (but not a serious illness just uncomfortable and unhappy) for days.  Better today, definitely on the upswing, expect to be almost back to normal by week’s end, but don’t worry if I’m scarce somewhat longer.  Covid test was negative.   Sore throat went into bronchitis; still a lot of coughing.  And headache.  And fever, but that’s gone now.

7 thoughts on “Where’d she Go?

    1. Not quite well yet but much better. Yesterday was able to go out and feed horses, carry out hay, etc., without being wobbly in the knees at all. We are considering the possibility that when I’m low on O2, my BP meds may be too strong, and much of the wobblies may have been BP too low. I was light-headed and unstable every time I got up. ER and FP physicians recognize that “correcting” BP to the point where elderly people fall down and break their more fragile bones isn’t a good tradeoff. Gerontologists and cardiologists were still heading for really REALLY low target BPs last time we looked.

  1. My wife and adult daughters all got the crud like yours in the last two weeks. Upper respiratory and low fever. She teaches high school and they are in medicine so they are dealing with germ vectors all the time. I do the Royal Navy (limey) thing. Double rum and lime juice. So far so good.

    1. Lime juice is a good thing for sure. In the depth of the recent “thing”, I put lime juice & sugar (plain old cane sugar) in my fizzy water and the reactive throat settled down for a welcome respite.

  2. Glad you are on the mend. Pollen counts through the roof here so I have the post nasal drip crud myself.

    1. My sympathies. Whatever the cause, “the crud” is never fun. I hope your pollen counts drop, your nose becomes less reactive, and the crud backs off and leaves you alone.

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