The Train Is Moving

Or, as Agent says, “it’s out of the starting blocks.”   The “it” and the “train” are the first Horngard book, start of a new LONG story in Paksworld.    I know many of you wanted the third Vatta’s Peace book, but several attempts to write that one failed.  It would not jell.  And for a longer time than I’d hoped, the Horngard book didn’t hold together well enough for my agent to be willing to try it on the market.

Now he’s sent if off to Editor.  It’s passed muster with one professional.  So in the fullness of time I should hear whether we have a GO! or a No.   I’m happy  to be in that anxious waiting state again.  I’ve been niggling at the rough spots I found while waiting for Agent’s decision.


14 thoughts on “The Train Is Moving

  1. Awesome to see an update even if its not the one I had hoped for. I love your Sci-Fi universes. I listen to Serrano’s Legacy and Vatta’s War all the time (Graphic Audio versions). I have gone through all of them at least five times. I have read Cold Welcome and Into the Fire twice.

    What’s up with the Robots? Who were these progenitors … is this a leadup to a universe collision between Serrano and Vatta, does the SDF encounter the RSS in some system at the far reaches of known space.

    lol well my imagination runs wild waiting for book three, I’ll have to start reading Paksworld to get more great Elizabeth Moon stories 🙂

    1. I hoped to do a good Vatta’s Peace 3…but it just vanished and my best attempt was (when I re-read it) Not Good At All. As a reader, not a writer, I often find I like one group of a writer’s work better than other groups…so if that happens to you with the Paksworld stories, I’ll understand. I have two “favorite” writers whose work in one area I can’t get enough of, and whose other work–very popular with many readers, including my husband–I just can’t get into. The link between reader and writer and the work between them may be narrow or broad, and there’s no way to know without trying it. It’s not literary quality (at least with the writers I’m thinking of) but just “something” that hooked me the first time I read “Group A” and didn’t hook me at all when I read “Group B.”

    2. Carl, keep hoping. Over in Paksworld we had Gird’s book, then Luap’s, then Dorrin’s which completed that story – after a near-20 years gap. Only then that wasn’t just one book, but five volumes.

      (When I wrote, “completed the story” I wasn’t just referring to the sleepers in Kolobia. They are but a detail.)

  2. Really sounds great. Thank you for the hopeful update. Can’t hardly wait. Love the snippets that you share with us. Are you getting the heavy weather that we hear about. Up here, 70 miles west of Chicago, we had-14f one night. Hope the hay-burners are doing well in this our winter of discontent.

    1. Weather–yes, we’ve had some of the heavy stuff, and been down to 12F one night. Horses had ample hay available and apparently (judging by what I found on the early morning check) spend the night side by side warming each other and eating hay. The two stalls are each about 14 x 14 (at the time of building the little barn, I had a sixteen-two gelding so I made the stalls BIG.) Neither one will wear a blanket (“No–get it away from me!”) Anyway, at the end of the hard-hard freeze, it warmed up and started raining. An inch, and then one night a 2.5 inch downpour, and then another inch. So I now have mudballs walking around looking like ….mud balls. Why horses behave like pigs and roll around in the mud I do not understand!

    2. Elizabeth,
      Same thing up here on the other end of I-35. I know other places have gotten snow. We haven’t. It’s been cold rain. So my “horse friends” are all listing that same complaint–white horses painted brown (in January). Just not supposed to happen up here in the frozen north.

  3. And while I too would like you to write this or that story – since you have to do the very real work you get to call the shots. If I have learned anything from reading your posts it is that you take your writing seriously and I know that whatever you write will be well written and very worth reading.

    Have fun with the poor starving horses.

  4. “Why do horses like to roll in mud?” I propose that they do so for the same reason humans pay inordinate amounts of money to take a mud bath at a spa. Or if they are children, play in a mud puddle for free.

  5. May you and yours have a safe and blessed Mother’s Day. Hope that the Story Steam Engine is still chugging along.

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