More Progress on the Tech & Office Upgrade

As of yesterday:  Both new computers and their associated extras (some leftover, some new) are installed, with current software, and running just fine.  I’m still having some quibbles with the new Paint Shop Pro because some favorite and very frequently used functions either aren’t there, or are somewhere I haven’t found yet.  My new printer’s in and running just fine.  my cellphone and computer recognize each other, and I can print images directly from the cellphone camera OR I can import them to the computer (a function that finally worked this morning…not an obvious approach, but it does work.)   I have successfully put images into Word files (necessary for–for instance–the wildlife management report)  and into Paint Shop Pro, though I’m having trouble resizing to my favorite size for emails and for that report.  I have not had time to thoroughly explore the latest PSP version and learn the new bits.

Some of the older hard drives (externals and the one from the dead Old Box) are burnt toast and some are fine.   Two older tablets that I thought were burnt toast turned out not to be; Kate has revived both and reconnected them to their original accounts.   I bought #2 because I thought #1 had croaked, but apparently it was just having a snit because I had left it alone too long.  They work now.  Unfortunately, among the casualties are my files of “finished” photos (shrunk for use on the web, including email and posting to blogs)…one of the dead external hard drives had older photo files.

The massive sort-and-reduce stacks are still in work.  Found an envelope in which my mother had kept (among other things) my letters from my one session of summer camp.  I was 12, and the letters are…not worth keeping, I don’t think.  I remember the incidents I wrote about vividly (and the ones I didn’t write her about) , though as I often do, I had lost all the names by 6 years later.  Sad, to be so bad at faces and names of humans and so good at names and appearance of horses and many dogs.   I could not have done this without the help of Kate Shull, who’s contributed both technical expertise and strong support in the other things as well.  That faceplant thing took more out of me than I’d thought, in terms of energy and ability to focus.  The office area is already working better,  with the new tech and a less crowded situation.  It’ll be better still when it’s complete.    I’m trying to spend at least an hour a day writing on a fiction project, to see if that “drive” is still alive or if the head-bang three weeks ago shook it too much.  I think it’s “going” but only finishing something will prove it.


3 thoughts on “More Progress on the Tech & Office Upgrade

  1. Splendid! I hope Kate has also shown you how to back up to CD so that you minimise future losses 😛

  2. Good news!

    I know you have been busy with other things, but I have been wondering how Rags and Tigger are, I assume there have been no “adventures” as you’ve said nothing?

    1. Rags & Tigger are doing fine. Between the injury from the fall and the work, I’ve been tired and sore all month, so they’ve had food, water, salt, and some treats, but no work.

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