Thirty Thousand…Words

NewBook has thirty thousand + words now and had several slowdowns that didn’t kill it, so…it still wants to be a complete story.  It’s being VERY SLOW at letting its chronicler know what it’s really going to be…it’s clearly a Vatta book since we have Ky, Rafe, Stella, Helen, and the twins in it, but so far it’s being more domestic family than wild adventure.  There is danger–Helen was nearly drugged and forced into a private nursing home, the country house where Ky is living for the moment is proving as accessible to bad guys as the other country house was that Grace, Helen, and the twins stayed in that other summer, and a horse riding lesson for the twins (and other students) was interrupted by another attack.    But there’s also mundane but interesting things about what else they’re doing and with whom.  Ky–like me at the moment–is at one of those times in most lives when things are “slack” enough to stop and figure out what next, or hope for what’s next, before things get blown sideways and you’re back in the turmoil trying to survive and get to another slack spot.  Ky has psychological stuff to deal with, and so does Helen, and for that matter Stella…and everyone’s thought the twins were so well-protected after that one attack that they’re all fine now.  But the stresses of puberty can re-open previous cracks in the shell.  At four, many children–especially bright ones–lay down strong memories of traumatic experiences.

Circumstances have led to my having to quit singing in the choir (circumstances like realizing I cannot drive at night when tired and alone…, so no choir practices, and this is not a choir you can just walk into on Sunday morning and pick up the music in 20 minutes.  Some young professional singers can.  I cannot.  Circumstances have also led to my needing to get a second horse, because Tigger’s prognosis isn’t good for riding soundness, and it’ll be close to a year before we know if he will eventually recover completely.    In the meantime, I need to stay riding fit, if I want to ride again in my life, and I need to NOT be driving an hour to, and an hour from, riding opportunities because driving isn’t good for my hip joints or lower back.  So I need a horse to carry me around.  We’re looking.  Not for a Tigger replacement, at this point, but for simple transportation and maintaining balance, joints, stamina, etc. of the human.

But the book is moving, and I’m working on it *almost* every day.

2 thoughts on “Thirty Thousand…Words

  1. Good to hear you are making progress on the book, however variable the speed of that progress.

    I’m sorry to hear that Tigger’s progress is slow, I hope he recovers fully sooner rather than later, good luck finding a companion for him that you can ride from the off. I’m also sorry to hear you have had to give up the choir, that must be a huge loss, it’s been so important to you for so long. Plus singing is so good for one.

  2. Good news about the book. Sending you positive energy & thoughts for the New Year, may it bring you joy and health.

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