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Is there an online source, in English, for pronunciation rules in French?  I’m supposed to produce a pronunciation guide for SASSINAK for a voice actor doing an audiobook, and as some of you will recall, Anne had at least one character whose background was a francophone culture on the planet Bretagne.   I took French in high school MANY years ago, so I know there IS  a rule about when a final T is silent or voiced, but I don’t remember it.   Could really use a fast course…also on how Dupaynil (important character in both SASSINAK and GENERATION WARRIORS from Bretagne) might be pronounced, which I might figure out from a general pronunciation guide.   Although if there’s a francophone in the house, please do go ahead and tell me.  I grew up around Spanish, not French.

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  1. Have referred this on to someone with amazing librarian skills, who also speaks French. If anyone can find what you need, she can. 🙂

  2. I assume you have got this covered, given that it has been posted for so long (but new to me). If not, there are a couple of guys from France at the office. They would probably be OK recording a few words into a microphone as well answering a question or two.

    As far as silent consonants, the rule on the tip of your tongue is probably the rule about liasons:
    in combination with otherwise silent consonants:

    It is great to hear Sassinak is being produced!

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