Looking Ahead: DragonCon

Thursday, by Plan A, I fly out of Austin to Atlanta for DragonCon.  (Plan B through D takes me another way, in case Harvey the Destroyer, arcs back around and comes at us again, canceling flights from Austin.  This is a very determined storm.)   So ordinarily, I’d have already done all the pre-trip shopping, and today would be laundry related to the trip as well as other laundry, and starting the packing.  The bike crash interfered with pre-trip shopping, then Harvey did, so I may just wear the old stuff to the convention even though it’s now really old, some of it.  The laundry is also behind (thank you, Harvey.)  Both of these “problems” are nothing compared to the struggles of those still in the flooded areas, so I will now shut up about them,  and assume the folks at DragonCon will ignore the old shirts.  If not, my well-honed tongue might give them reason to ignore anything else.  (Well-honed by having dealt with some people who desperately need an attitude adjustment toward human decency online yesterday.  Should not have done it, but really…when you’re sneering and jeering at people in Harvey’s kind of trouble, from your oh-so-comfortable couch in a safe dry place…GRRR.)

Today has many busy parts.  The interior demolition of the future rent house started this morning.  I need to do the laundry, yes, but I also need to get to the bank for trip cash (not everything can be done by credit card), the electrician’s office so they know I’m out of town and contractor will be reframing the closets this week so they can coordinate the movement of light switches and outlets, and contact the floor guy by telephone.  I also need to bake bread today, tomorrow at the latest.  And keep a close eye on Harvey’s track and all forecast possible tracks, to be ready to shift from Plan A to one of the others in a timely fashion.   Exactly where the no-longer-hurricane meets the land again, and its track from there, is only a little tighter then before.  Packing so far has achieved only getting the books for the charity auction at DragonCon into their protective bag, and getting the week’s regular meds into the little divided container.  The other meds…ummm.  They won’t fit in that one (the little daily sections are full up with the five regulars, no room for the Doxycycline or the other Magnesium tablet.  I like the little holders with the seven day supply; that does help me avoid missing a day.

And so, I’d better get to it, and stay off the internet for awhile.  Remember I’ll be gone the entire time I’m at the convention–not carrying any computer or tablet or anything and my phone isn’t that smart.  (Tough, yes.  If dropped it’s unlikely to break anything, it could fall into a bathtub of water and not be damaged.  And it fits comfortably in my hand.  But it’s not the phone for someone who’s constantly downloading data or playing games.)   I plan to check in here before I leave home, but if I need to switch to Plan B-D, that might be a day or two earlier, with a longer gap before I reappear here.  Don’t worry about it.

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead: DragonCon

  1. There is no way I’ll be ready for liftoff on Thursday morning. Which means it’s time to let go the expectation of being “ready” and just try to get the necessary things into the luggage, get self clean and as decent as possible given all the things that have interfered, and just GO.

    (I don’t even have the lists ready, and this time the whole med thing is more complicated. [Calm down, no freakouts, they’re just more exhausting. You filled the travel med thing for the morning meds already. That’s done. You can move it into the carry-on. All that’s left on that is the extra for Lyme and the evening Mg. pill that won’t fit in that holder. Use the other holder, the one you were going to leave behind.]) If I end up wearing all con-bought T-shirts…forgive me.

  2. Nobody is going to be surprised at you wearing con-bought t-shirts in the circumstances, they will just be glad to see you safe and sound.

    It is a bother having a lot of meds to take regularly, I’m on (I think) ten pills I have to take every day, plus the pain killers taken as needed – up to another twenty-four pills, plus a couple of other daily things so even for short trips I end up with a small carrier for medicines. I know it all becomes tedious, while remaining tinged with worry that you will forget something, even though you have carefully counted and checked so you have my sympathy. I hope you manage to pack what you really need without too much fretting, that your journey there is smooth, and especially that you have a good time at DragonCon.

    I also hope that the building work goes smoothly in your absence.

  3. Old shirts, indeed. I read this while wearing one of my father’s old Coast Guard uniform shirts, summer khaki. He retired in 1972.

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