Harvey: Not an Invisible Rabbit or My Childhood Friend

Hurricane Harvey’s outside edge reached us about an hour and a half ago: rain and a slowly but steadily increasing wind (not overly strong–about 15 mph, says the weather, with gusts to 23.)    We are in a good place for having a hurricane coming over us, and much luckier than those closer to the coast or, inland, closer to the eye.   We have supplies, we’re over a hundred miles from the eye, we have both distance from, and elevation above, the nearest watercourse.

6 thoughts on “Harvey: Not an Invisible Rabbit or My Childhood Friend

    1. Adam: a big bad storm to be sure. We were only on the fringe, and about forty miles from where things got serious. I have friends in Houston I haven’t heard from, probably out of power. A distant relative a little north of Rockport on the Gulf (distant enough I met them once when I was fifteen, and a granddaughter years later in Austin, once.) All I can do now is send support to the organizations helping people.

    1. Patricia N: Thanks…we’re fine; the worst of it was a considerable distance away from here though we got some rain and moderate wind. Those in the floods could still use your prayers.

  1. So glad to hear you are all fine. I have been worried about you.I would hate to see the beautiful, restored 80 acres under mud.
    We will do all we can to help those in dire straits.

    1. Appreciate the concern. I’ve heard from some friends in the Houston & other coastal area but not all. I suspect A- is busy helping others locally. Glad you found the blogsite!

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