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Editor has accepted the rewrite, and handed the manuscript off to Production.  I will have to deal with the copy edits, but after that I can schedule eye and dental appointments without worrying that something will get in the way…at least not from that book.   I’m back from DragonCon, which was its usual busy, crowded, exciting, exhausting, educational, confusing, stimulating (in programming and people-watching) and boring (elevator lines) self.    Today was laundry, chores, more laundry, making bread, talking to Agent, taking stock of grocery levels,  and so on.

I had only five action items at DragonCon this year, having had to ask Programming to take me off of a few because I was still hurting a lot and my voice was weak–which they kindly did.   I was on a research panel (was able to talk a little about the research for COLD WELCOME.)    And on a military-related panel on the differences between modern and medieval and ancient and other concepts of generalship.   Something new this year was being one of a number of writers who volunteered to spend an hour giving four people 15 minute one-on-one mentoring.  (You can cover a lot in 15 minutes–not everything, but answer several specific questions.)   I had my web guru and friend Karen Shull along for help, too–and she was.  Carried the big tote bag for me, reminded me to take breaks before I fell over and not when already staggering, and generally took care of the scatterbrained person I was for at least part of the time.

I didn’t take any pictures, but she did, so there are a couple of pictures of me on a panel on her Facebook.   Last night, back home, I slept well, but was too busy today to take a nap, so I’m wearing out rapidly now, about to head for bed.


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  1. I wanted to thank you again for your books, I am rereading the Paks books at the moment, partly because I love them but also because I simply don’t seem to be able to read new books or even reread many of my favourite authors at the moment. I have a chronic pain problem that has got a little out of control in the last few weeks, this really affects what I can do and what I can read, but your writing is amongst that of a short list of authors which I can read in these circumstances, which will reliably let me forget my troubles. I can not express how wonderful that is, but again thank you. Yesterday I had a medicines review and hopefully the new regieme will improve my pain control, but either way I shall be enjoying finishing off the Paks books and moving on to the Paladins Legacy books secure in the knowledge that I have a way to escape the pain for as long as I am reading.

    I hope you are refreshed soon, enjoying being back in your home and able to wander about your land too.

    1. Jazzlet: I’m so sorry you’re in a chronic pain situation–those suck a lot. I hope the new medicine regimen helps. And of course I’m glad to hear that my books help you through the misery. I too have depended on familiar books when in serious pain.

    2. So sorry to hear about your pain problem – and I do so agree, Elizabeth’s books are wonderful to re-read when you are feeling so ghastly you can’t concentrate on anything new (been there, done that a couple of months ago!).

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