Closer and Closer…

Progress is still coming and the book is still GROWING.  I didn’t ask it to grow past 150K, I swear.  But it swore back that I need another chapter of this, and two more chapters of that, and by the way I’d left an entire Very Important POV dangling.

So.  Still growing.   New Stuff is all, of course, first draft.   Older stuff is now all in Second Level Revision.  Some of it’s shifted into Third Level Revision.   And the length just zipped past 160K again.  This is brief because after midnight (again!) and I need sleep.  I may add more tomorrow or just wait until it’s nailed down (no doubt fighting the lid coming down) and mailed off.  But it is a very, VERY live book.  Think of trying to get a panther into a box…it’s like that.

I know you’re due snippets and more info but it’s been very hectic and shows no sign of calming down.

7 thoughts on “Closer and Closer…

  1. I am glad to hear that the stories are coming along. I love your writing in general but the stories in Paksworld are definitely my favorites. I have read the omnibus edition for The Deed of Paksenarrion so many times it is on the verge of coming apart, and in digital format too many times to count – I just finished a rereading beginning from The Deed of Paksenarrion going through Crown of Renewal.

    1. Thanks for your continuing interest in the Paksworld books. I’ve certainly enjoyed working on this one. Apparently even when my brain was injured by the concussion, the part that keeps track of characters and their lives was still working, because the Marrakai “children” (now mostly teens or adults by our standards) have turned out a little differently than I thought of them the last time I wrote them, and the same is true of their parents (and for that matter many others who were in earlier books. This is a good thing, as it means my brain isn’t bringing them forward in an unchanged lump, but letting them play around in the backbrain, doing and growing, until I need them again. I have to wonder how much Camwyn’s brain injury healing with Dragon (which was going on when I left him in Crown of Renewal) affected MY healing from a pair of brain injuries acquired several years later. I know I made use of a friend’s experience with multiple overlapping brain trauma to keep reassuring myself it was worth the continued effort to recover, even when it seemed to be going nowhere (at least on the writing front and some physical bits.) So was Camwyn’s course AND mine affected by an internet friend’s willingness to post about hers? Probably. One of the good things about the internet–among all the bad press online social interaction gets.

  2. Your comment about the panther reminds me of the set of pictures going around Facebook periodically, labeled as “Hercules trying to give his cat a pill”

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