Hitting the Mark, Etc.

Rarely happens this way, but my calculations said I should get to the 2/3 point in the planned mass decrease on Thursday the 28th, and when I stepped on the scale before breakfast on Thursday…there it was.  40 down exactly.  Yay!   This means at least 20 to go (may overshoot by 5, for the sake of potential rebound to where I want to be. )  Happy with the less joint pain, less difficulty exercising, more daytime energy overall.  Miraculous return of strong Plot Daemon hasn’t happened.  Gotta learn to work without it.   Holidays will be..um…tricky, as we have stacked family ones in amongst cultural ones: Anniversary (coming up), M-‘s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Paid various property taxes today…last time for the old store as it’s moving on to another ownership.  That will simplify things considerably.  R- has a new monitor coming for his computer, as the old one was not doing well last weekend and croaked utterly on Monday.  Luckily friends had been working on my laptop, so it’s now functional again and R- had something to look at: weather, news, the installed games.  Horses are munching hay.  I need to get them haltered and brushed up today.   They might (!) be getting hooves trimmed tomorrow, Laci and I both hope.  I need to do the walkaround today, as R- is hauling rocks to fill in the fence end of the swamp some more, so calves can’t get under the fence there as easily.

Coyote fiesta was going on late last night but didn’t last as long as usual.  I suspect the young are moving away from the parents and were out having a last (?) family sing-song.   The roaring wind of the past several days has finally died down to the kind of gorgeous still day on which (if the horses had been trimmed any of the other times we’ve thought we had a trim scheduled) I’d be riding out in the clear cool morning to check fences and water.  Instead, I’ll be walking out.  Report of wildlife and plant conditions to come later.


4 thoughts on “Hitting the Mark, Etc.

  1. Hi – good on the weight front. No rush on the book – if it comes it comes, hopefully you do not need to write to live. Good for the horses.

    Stay safe and stay sane,

    Jonathan up here in rather wet New Hampshire

    1. Since it’s been cold and raining today I’m pleased to report that the old parka I wear in the rain fits a LOT better with 40 pounds less of me in it. I bought it maybe 40 years ago, I think the first (or maybe second) winter we moved here. It also has a zip-in down liner, much less used than the outer shell. (It could be older than that, but I don’t remember exactly.

    1. So far today, we’ve had 2.3 inches (5.842 centimeters) of rainfall, and have water running through the near meadow all the way down to the outlet. The central part of the grass waterway, recently mowed, shows how much the “channel” has widened over the years from the two deep, narrow cattle trails that had been worn into it, and how much good the dense grass coverage has done to protect the soil. Intermittent showers are supposed to continue through much of the night but I doubt we’ll reach a 3 inch total.

      Putting out the hay nets mid-morning-ish (after the breakfast individual flakes) has kept the horses in and I fed them their pellets almost an hour early because it’s so dark under the clouds. They still have some hay in the nets, and nets will be refilled and hung up later tonight for the overnight.

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