Fields, woods, and a Vulture

I forgot to put this one in, the other day.   In my own nomenclature, this is Mama Undertaker who is quite concerned about the human taking pictures of her family, peering around at me with a very suspicious expression.

Over the past few days, we’ve been down to and through the woods (I went only partway  from E to W, but then on up to the Entrance Meadow on the east side of the creek woods) and though I don’t have All the Pictures cropped and resized, I do have some.

Remember those sedge pictures?  Here’s one of the clumps of it in “the swamp” (dried up now, but the ground still damp):


Here’s melonette, a delicate looking little vine that produces tiny green and cream-marked “melons” not quite as big as the last joint of my thumb (no melons now, though).  This one’s growing in the overflow channel from the latest rain; the ground was muddy two days ago and still very soft yesterday.  I put the date wrong on the file; it was taken yesterday, NOT in 2001.  And suddenly my system’s gone cranky.  I’ll have to add the other pics in an editing session later.

5 thoughts on “Fields, woods, and a Vulture

  1. Well, the system does not want me to add the other images I wanted to (not sure why) so that will be another post in a day or so.

    This weekend I achieved half the planned weight loss. I celebrated, but within the day’s calorie limit. Now for the next half.

    1. Thank you. I like feeling better and being able to walk around on the land again for an hour or more at a time. My knees hurt less. The heartburn and gastric reflux are less. Blood pressure’s down. All of which together means I can enjoy walking longer now.

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