Road Construction Ahead (Website & Blog Roads, that is.)

This is a “long-advance” warning, but the main website,, will be in re-design for some undetermined part of the next year.   I don’t know how long it will take, or exactly what it will look like in the end (aside from knowing that no web design ever gets 100% approval from those who visit or use it) but  my web angel will tinker with it until I’m happy.   As part of that redo, the Universes blog will *mostly* sit on the verge, watch, and comment.  It’s a lot younger than the website, and  I need a place to give updates,  ask how people like the most recent section “fixed,” etc.

Just to add to the “slow road” congestion,  there’s a different new project for Paksworld, in addition to the novel in progress and some short fiction that keeps butting in and insisting it has to be written NOW, and the still unfinished “Great Map of All Things Except Those That Don’t Fit.”   Oh, and the reorg of the rest of the house, too.  Busy, busy, busy.

One new thing, recommended by many of you and *finally* getting done early next week, weather permitting: installation of *really* high speed internet.   Yes, as more big-bandwidth stuff comes roaring down the pipe, the smaller pipe of the DSL line just isn’t enough, esp. when we have houseguests who want their tablets to work, R- is playing a game *and* music, M- is working on something online, I’m watching horses do eventing or researching antique weapons and fighting styles, or listening to “big” music.   So they’ll cut a hole in the wall, run in a cable capable of hauling many-many megabits in and out, and we should have faster starts and fewer freeze-ups.   Enough extra to be the last upgrade in internet speed I’ll ever need, right?  (I can hear the laughs already.)

We had a problem with a WordPress technical update recently, that the blogs for all four websites were down.  Two are still down because, thanks to last spring’s computer failure, I’ve lost the passwords.   Those two are the least updated, so recovery will take longer.

Topic change: We got over 3 inches of rain in the October week of rain, and today it poured off and on most of the day (and is still coming over us in waves.)   This is very good…we’ve been in drought for years now and I sure would like to see the creek have water in it again  some year.  This or next would be great.

Horngard I is with my agent.  Horngard II is just over 30,000 words.   A new short piece, also set in Paksworld, is coming along.


2 thoughts on “Road Construction Ahead (Website & Blog Roads, that is.)

  1. Hello – a bit of snow up here in New Hampshire with a lot of rain. Winter is coming. Have fun redoing your websites – I don’t have one but I hope the process goes smoothly. I await Horngard with as much patience as I can – have Stammel walk up and down calming the troops awaiting battle.

    Stay safe and stay sane

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