Day by Day by…o look, squirrel!!!

Yes, it’s been like that.  And tonight, after a somewhat unusual day, in which things did not go to plan  At All, I failed to check before my last meal how many calories I had left…and promptly overshot the limit.   The milk, which I need for calcium (dairy culture background; I absorb it better from milk, and have no lactose intolerance) is what I use to balance the protein from one meal to another, usually having just 8 oz at a time, twice in a day.  Well, not today.   I forgot the beef at breakfast, when I don’t usually have any meat, just the eggs and milk.  But remembered not to drink the milk at breakfast because the beef + eggs was ample.  Then didn’t drink any milk at either lunch (its usual spot) and went on and had all 16 oz with the 4th meal.  I was out of my usual thawed 2 oz of chicken for lunch.  Also an annoying morning, and a really annoying call just before supper (hint to all persons who want contributions from the person being called, someone who has given contributions before: do NOT rush into your long spiel with no pauses, a spiel that assumes the listener has no background in whatever the spiel is about, when you called them specifically because they’ve been a contributor over time, and a spiel that is clearly going on and on and will end with “So send this much money.”  This does not win friends and influence them to send you more.  I don’t CARE whose idea it was, caller or some idiot marketing firm that gave the callers a script.)

I’m too old and cranky to be treated like an ignoramus maximus without speaking up about it.  Which I did, with some rancor showing (and I’m not proud of that, it just happened…end of a day in which nothing I planned to accomplish other then feeding horses got accomplished, disappointing weigh-in on Monday and since, overslept my nap, sore areas from throwing dirt from the pile back into the septic tank hole, to fill in around the tank,  the wonderful bird near-discovery all gone from where they were or anywhere I could hear, hot and hotter weather…and then this obviously younger-voiced person starts rattling on and on and on about something I know already, seeming ready to read another two pages at me.  SNAP.)

Well, enough of that.  Grass is fading, but still green (the warm weather C4 grasses are burgeoning; their deep roots are harvesting more of the rainfall than the others. ) and the horses, confined in the two horse lots, are running out of the grass that’s made them grass-fat.  They’re EAGER for their evening snack  (feed through wormer, one supplement, and a small amount of Strategy, just enough to be sure they clean up the other two.)  Both horses know the word “OUT!” in a firm voice means “Out of the barn, both of you, now.”  Rags often chooses to look at me in mild surprise: “Surely not ME, Mom?  I’m just…just standing here not bothering anything…”  OUT!   “But…why?”   OUT!  “I don’t think I understand that…”  (Meanwhile Tigger, who left with the first OUT is standing at least 10 feet outside the barn and not making any move to intrude.  RAGS! OUT!

When they’re out and the west gate is closed, I can open the gate to the aisle, bring the feed bowls up to fill them, check the water, clean and fill a tub if it needs it, get everything ready, then move the feed bowls where they should be for drama-free feeding.   Then I latch the aisle gate and go open the west gate.  In comes Tigger, quickly followed by Rags.  Peaceful.  Each to his own feed.  Calm.  Yay!!!

Bedtime now.  I’ve been staying up too late, and then oversleeping in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Day by Day by…o look, squirrel!!!

  1. I’m afraid I would have hung up on the caller within the first couple of minutes. “Sorry, this is a bad time and I’m not interested. Good bye!” You have more patience than I do!

    I had not planned to get up this early (it’s not actually that early), but I have to wait half an hour between taking my first pill of the day and having a cup of tea. On many days this is fine as I wake early, take my pill and then drowse until the alarm goes off. Not always, so I go and shower and dress to pass the time – and in the meantime the Swan Whisperer had stripped the bed! Ah well…. At least I can drink my tea now!

    1. How awful to have to wait half an hour for your first cup of tea! I hate having to delay my first cuppa for whatever reason….

  2. I ended up all-but-yelling at a caller last week. They had called several times and, due to caller ID, I let them go to voice mail, which they didn’t leave. This time I answered it and the person (not a younger caller, a man roughly my age) begain with some kind of over-friendly “I’m so glad I reached you” and started in on his pitch. I interrupted him to say, “I am making an automatic monthly contribution to this cause but I hate these phone calls and if I get another one, I will stop contributing.” Sigh.

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