And Over in Paksenarrion’s Editions…Plus News

I found out only this afternoon that the omnibus edition of THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION is out of stock, and being retired (after 25 very successful years in print!!)  so that the debut of the 30th anniversary of  edition of Sheepfarmer’s Daughter (to be followed at intervals by Divided Allegiance and Oath of Gold) can step onto the stage without the venerable edition sniping any sales.   It’s unfortunate (in my eyes) that the stock ran out right before the holidays, when (as all authors hope) Christmas stockings are filled with our books (OK, my books are what I’m hoping people get as gifts…<G>)   There are still a few copies at Amazon, and may be a few at some stores.   If you hurry.  But it’s not going to be reprinted.   At least, not until the 30th anniversary books have had their run.   I may have a box or two in the storage unit, and will look, but it’s not going to be hundreds of books.  Right now, with Thanksgiving coming on, I don’t have time to look for them.

So what will be coming in the 30th Anniversary editions?  Well, for one thing I wrote an essay for each book, which you’ll have to read to find out what it says.   Trade paperback size, new covers, all that.  And the omnibus is still available as an e-book, just not as an in-the-hand monster.  Guess I should get busy and see if I can finish the BIG map and get it ready to print out as a poster.  Someone might want to buy one, maybe?   (The irony would be if, after I finished that map, painted it, and printed it up all prettified…I found the long-lost original map and they didn’t look anything at all alike.  But as in real life, what one map-maker maketh, another map-maker re-maketh, only…differently.

Meanwhile,  yesterday I dealt with some more (the last?) Inquisitor’s questions about INTO THE FIRE, sent those off, and got one of those auto-reply notices that they’re not there and are off the next day as well, which are sometimes more annoying than no answer.   I mean, I know I emailed the reply after business hours on Thursday, so wasn’t expecting a reply, but being told “out of the office until X” after being told in the original question set to return the answers by Y (rather than “thanks for speedy reply” felt like a “Ha, ha, I’m off for a long weekend,  low-life serf, and will attend to you at MY leisure…” with no acknowledgment.   I guess my snowflake-ness is showing.    But when I put in the extra effort to do something early…I’d rather have no answer until the X of return than making it clear the rush job I was told about isn’t a rush at the other end.   Yes, I know.  Not good attitude.   And the auto-answer proved my email had actually arrived, so I should’ve been reassured by that.   But the day had already included Microsoft’s update hanging up my computer for hours when I needed a phone number in it and had several urgent calls to make, plus some other problems including the determined idiocy of my Senators and Congressional Rep, so…I was already grumpy.

On the other hand, I have had in my very own hands an ARC of COLD WELCOME and it looks scrumptious.   Unlike most of my other ARCs, it doesn’t have the generic purple-and-white cover that I’ve had before (with Del Rey logo all over it) but the actual cover art *in full living color.*  Hot diggety dog!    Despite having a friend sitting at the same table, helping me do prep for the big Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn’t resist opening it, checking certain pages, and so on.  It is an uncorrected proof version–there are things to be fixed–but not only do *I* like it, but my agent (who called later to tell me about the DEED omnibus going out of print and explain why)  says he read the first pages and liked it, too.  So on the whole, the day was a good one, with much accomplished in the Thanksgiving prep, AND a new (gorgeous) ARC I can show off on Thanksgiving.   So YAY!

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  1. Well, I’ve given about half a dozen copies of Deed as Christmas presents, so I’m sorry the inventory shortage happened to you right before Black Friday. But, would you ever consider selling your copies with personalized signatures? Now *that* would be a very cool gift!

    1. I agree. I want one. Or maybe 5 now that I think about it. I just found a copy in a used bookstore, and it’s now been read by three people in my circle, who all loved it, of course.

  2. We’ve better things to talk about than moans at Microsoft so I’ll content myself with saying that they decided last month to upgrade my laptop’s Windows 10 to feature 1709 but not my desktop which today received an ordinary monthly cumulative maintenance for 1703. Having downloads shoved at me can play havoc with my internet connection for the duration even before actual installation.

  3. Off Topic. Some years ago when you were writing about your mapping we had a brief exchange about the old style lettering triangles. I finally found three on e-bay. Not quite as good as my late mother’s one, but much better then the stupid modern version. Do you want one -will send if you do.

  4. That’s the Baen TPB omnibus of Deed. I fear that will mean the loss of the corresponding e-book?

    But your UK publisher, Orbit also print an omnibus of Deed and various Amazon suppliers in the US offer new or like new copies

    Or you can get a new copy posted from Amazon UK or

  5. Yes, yes, a map! I’ve been making do with a photocopy of one that came in Divided Allegiance (?). It had many unlabeled circles, which I have now labeled to the best of my ability based on descriptions in the texts, and the map in Surrender None. Used the annotated map extensively as I tracked the events in the Paladin’s Legacy trilogy. Yes, yes, an official map! 🙂

  6. Will any of your short stories set during the original trilogy be added to their related book?

    Regarding maps, I for one would definitely buy a poster sized map.
    Semi-related, have you ever talked to an RPG company about producing a World of Paksenarrion sourcebook. I’d buy one, and the RPG company would–as part of the process–have to organize your reference material and produce a nice looking map. I could see a GURPS book doing well for example.

    1. The Paksworld short stories will be not be added directly to the nearest related book, because that disturbs the structure of those plots. They will be published either online (here, for instance) or in collections such as DEEDS OF HONOR. I’m still working on the second collection, mostly a matter of polishing (over-polishing) and selection from what’s available. For instance, a horse-nomad related story (that would fall before SHEEPFARMER’S DAUGHTER) hasn’t decided on how long it wants to be (grump), though its protagonist shows up in another several books. The one set in Fiveway doesn’t really connect to any of the books…it’s pure side-story. It’s all taking longer than I expected. (another grump at self.) I need more recovery time.

    2. Elizabeth, if you include the older horse nomad story (DREAM’S QUARRY) immediately before the new one, then readers of the new story will know what’s going on when a nomad displays the soles of his boots (for example), without having to be told again.

      Given that the line between good and evil runs down the centre of every human heart, including the nomads’, can the new story become long enough to begin to show what are the stresses in their culture, and where the fault lines?

  7. Please take time to recover. Since I’m selfish and would like to see you writing for a long time to come. Though I understand that for you writing may be part of the recovery process, particularly now being able to write more about what wants to come out rather than what needs to come out for a contract.

  8. Thursday night I was thinking of the Solstice ritual at Duke Phelans.
    May the lengthening days bring light to all aspects of your life.

    1. Thank you! One good thing is husband had successful surgery today and is resting pretty well at home now. (That kind of surgery wasn’t day surgery when we were younger, and they didn’t use superglue on surgical incisions, either. Wow.)

  9. My UK edition finally showed up!! The original order was sadly lost somewhere in transit. I’ve been wanting this cover variant ever since you first posted the graphic, but could never justify the extra shipping expense. Thank you Christmas bonus 🙂 I was also thinking of you during the solstice; hope your husband recovers quickly.

  10. I have been rereading my (original in three books) version of Deed of Paksenarrion, slowly because of time constraints. This time, Korryn and the trouble he caused Paks as a new recruit and Stephi as a veteran appeared in a very different light because Korryn (and not only the steward) may have had some mage powers even then. I wondered if he ever emerged to tell you some of the backstory???

    1. GinnyW: No, Korryn didn’t…but I suspect he’d been manipulated in some way, more likely someone from the estate who’d been sent out to test the waters, so to speak.

  11. I’ve enjoyed reading and then re-reading your books for many years. I’ve always enjoyed the series you’ve managed to write and to see the amount of continuity you’ve been able to maintain. Thanks for your hard work.
    I’ve enjoyed the Chalion series and I wonder if you plan to add any more stories to entertain us. A pre-quel or a follow on would be very good to read. Again, I thank you very much for all the hard work you do to entertain yourself, “scratch your itch” so to speak, and then to bring us into your universe for an interesting and thought provoking story.

    1. Thank you for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed my books…but you imply that I wrote the Chalion series…that’s Lois McMaster Bujold’s, not mine. And I’m honored to be confused with her, if that’s what happened.

  12. I have read and reread and reread the 8 books in the Paks series, Legacy of Gird, and Deeds of Honor. I constantly hope to see more – not just for the richness of the “world” and enjoying the deeply satisfying stories, but because there is so much to learn about character growth and teaching character in your writing.

    The tale of Kieri seems complete – but others beckon. I know it is too much to ask for a different kind of series e.g. “Palladin’s Call” for Dorrin and Paks and others, But you have yourself and us all invested in the lives of Arcolin, Burek, and Arvid, in Beclan, Gwenno, and Camwyn and others. They deserve to mature and achieve mastery, too.

    I hope you will recommit yourself to this world – in the meantime you suggested another volume of collected stories like Deeds might come – it would be most welcome.

    Wishing you abundant health and inspiration.

    Submitted with highest Regards

    David Dell

    1. David: Thank you. It’s actually more like the world of Paks re-committing to me, when it thinks I’m ready, or it’s ready, or a character taps on my skull from inside with “NOW I want you to write my story.” I can do it only when I can “get inside” Paksworld myself. But I’d happily spend a lot more time there.

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