Notice of Change

My hosting service is closing down at the end of March.  I need to find a new hosting service, a new registrar, get everything backed up and transferred, ASAP.   As most of you know, getting that DNS change thing accomplished takes awhile (or can take awhile) and so there may be a gap in which the sites disappear.  If that happens, please be patient.  I can’t say when it might happen, yet, because I was only notified today of the shutdown.  I’m in freefall and trying to finish the book.  (Don’t know why I’m surprised–everything else in the past year and a bit that caused a new load of work to land on me did so in the context of “but there’s this deadline.” )   I will try to keep you informed, but I will be far busier than I thought I’d be.  I have four websites (and a sub off one of one of them, so five, really) and four blogs embedded in them.    That glug-glug-glug you hear may be me trying not to drown.

3 thoughts on “Notice of Change

  1. Some years, months, weeks, or days are like that. Best wishes for a successful outcome, eventually. Don’t forget to eat, sleep, and wear your helmet. (currently reading Oath of Fealty, again.)

  2. While I love hearing snippets about your (or even of your) writing your writing is far more important than that.

    I hope things start to calm down and that when you get to the transfer stage it all goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to pace yourself, I know how hard it is to do that when things keep piling on to the ‘must be done’ pile; also to take time to enjoy yourself as it’s al to easy to let that slip when there is too much to be done.

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