I  can now reveal the cover for the UK edition of COLD WELCOME (Orbit UK, April).   However, I have to write a few lines about it, before this particular WordPress theme will let me post an image and it may not be a good big one.  If this one looks small,  hop over to my LiveJournal, where you’ll find not only the US and UK covers, but my own amateurish sketch of an idea for a cover.   Proof that I was cut out to be a writer and not a professional artist, right?  Right!  But every once in awhile it’s fun to pick up the crayons and try something.

5 thoughts on “UK Cover for COLD WELCOME

  1. Oh, and by the way, INTO THE FIRE is going to reach 125,000 words this weekend, if certain other things don’t go haywire. Starting with the bread I’m baking today.

  2. The camera angle isn’t right to see it but just in front of her feet, there are little signs painted on the hull that say “No Step.”

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