Progress Report: Zeroes Roll Over

My target for the week was 60,000 words by Friday night.  Instead, I reached 60,000 words today, before noon.  Sometimes books want to be written, and this is that kind of book.   Or possibly slowing down because of other problems has given my brain a chance to think over where it is, and solve problem that otherwise I’d run into while at the computer.   My two early readers are reporting that they like it and want more, but some parts are a bit slow, or go on too long.  That’s characteristic of first drafts, esp. when the writer discovers most of the book while writing it.

My hands are now very sore, so I’ll take the rest of the day off typing anything (even online, sigh) and instead enjoy the outdoors.  It’s too hot and muggy to incite serious exercise, but the odonates are having a ball trying to get their eggs laid, and the frogs are having fun snatching up newly laid eggs.   Seen today–damselflies, spread-wings, and both smaller (not IDed yet–they’re too fast for older eyes) and big (Common Green Darner) dragonflies.    Best location–in shade of the young oak, beside the lily pond.


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