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I gave up on Facebook years ago after several days of struggling to get connected–I knew there was something there with my name on it but could not access it.   Thanks to brilliant new website manager Karen Shull,  who will be doing most of the posting over there because I don’t need more stress, I now have a functional page and I can see it myself.   Some things will be mirrored (short things, obviously) and some things may show up there first and be mirrored to here or whichever other blog makes the most sense.   (If I write a post on another blog, announcement will show up there, and in Twitter, but not here.)

I will have to learn to go back and forth between this blog and the Facebook page without dumping the other one, which I just did.  Back to Karen’s email to go find my Facebook page again.  I should’ve put it on the Bookmark row while I had it.   (Done.  And if you’re incurably curious,  I don’t know how to send you any link but   Experienced Facebookers will find it.)

5 thoughts on “News: Facebook Page

  1. I have a Facebook account to keep up with niece and nephew and their kids, but I seldom post anything. I keep up more with Twitter and author blogs which allow me to find out what my favorite authors are up to.

  2. Hah, found it. The first hit was to a page about you, quoting from Wikipedia. I’ve sent a friend request.

    I use FB a lot, but I try not to get in arguments. I do have real life friends of all politics, all the way to deplorable. I think of my FB page as a place to post stuff I find amusing or interesting — sorta like my dorm door in college.

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