ArmadilloCon Report

Had a lot of fun at ArmadilloCon being an “ordinary” con-goer and not on programming (which I used to enjoy a lot, but it does take coming into it with ample energy in reserve…<G>)   Met old friends, made some new ones, had time to wander the Art Show without feeling I was about to be late for something, and same with the Dealer’s Room.  As a not-really-post-Covid convention in a heat wave (temps have been over 100F for weeks now, and are expected to be for another several) it’s not surprising it wasn’t as big as it used to be, but still big enough to feel “alive” in that way that good cons are, large or small.  Very uncomfortable drive down, because Lifestuff and needing to check one last time to see if my new Deeds of Youth copies were at the post office (they were!!) , and other construction issues on the roads led to a late start and later arrival…so a HOT trip, but I got there–tired & frazzled but there–and immediately felt at home again in the convention context.

This isn’t a full-on convention report, since–not having any required duties–I just wandered and sat, sat and wandered, and made no real effort to remember stuff.   Which means that if I start mentioning names, I’ll forget someone and then someone will feel snubbed…I have no intention of snubbing anyone, so I’m leaving ALL of you wonderful people without a specific mention…which isn’t good either but I’m still tired the day after.   The hotel’s cafe, which I’ve always enjoyed, was open only for breakfast (and orders placed in the bar because they did put on a cooking staff; they do a good tortilla soup.)   That was because of staffing problems, increasingly common in Austin because the cost of living in the city has made it impossible for people who aren’t making the big bucks to live there…and with irregular hours, it’s too expensive to commute in for short shifts at the wages offered.

But aside from that inconvenience, it was a lot of fun, being back in a community of writers & readers & people who love and can talk about books endlessly.


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    1. Um….we’re desperate for rain and three days of rain would have been heaven. We got nothing. A friend down near Uvalde got a little. They got a little over an inch, a few miles north got about a half inch–mind you the whole area in deep drought, .

      We’re losing our remaining trees, it’s so dry. Please don’t tell use to “stay dry”.

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