O Happy Day!

Review copy of  DEEDS OF YOUTH arrived in the mail today for me to look at all the pages and find any flaws.   I did some, will do more tomorrow and Sunday.   Today was gloating and checking the first two stories in it.  I’ve had too much screen time lately, working on “Bank Transfer” so my eyes blur out quicker than usual.

Book birthday, as I’m sure you all remember, is July 18 when it comes ALIVE!!! but it’s available for pre-order now.   Meanwhile, this is the beautiful thing I got out of the padded envelope when R- had picked up the mail.

Let’s start with a snippet from the first story, “Bad Day at Duke’s East”.  Jamis Arcolin is our protagonist, 7 winters old.  Those who’ve read the PALADIN’S LEGACY group of books know that Jamis is the son of the widow who married Duke Arcolin.  After his first six years in the city, much of it in his grandparents’ house in a quiet corner of Verella, Jamis is finding life in the north amazing, exciting, wonderful.  He’s living in a stone stronghold where Fox Company trains its recruits; though his mother insists on lessons almost every day, he does get out into the biggest open space he’s ever seen, and has a pony he’s learned to ride.  He has a father again, and he’s trying hard to please him.  He’s met gnomes living in the hills nearby, and on one astounding day he met a band of Horsefolk and saw (from a barely-safe distance) his father and some soldiers join with the Horsefolk warriers  to destroy a band of iynisin.


A day free to play in the village meant a day spent running, chasing, climbing trees, gulping down a quick lunch, resting in the shade of Councilwoman Kolya’s apple orchard…nothing could be better.  But…the day doesn’t go as planned.



5 thoughts on “O Happy Day!

  1. Beautiful book, I’ve ordered the Kindle version and if/when a paper version becomes available to order, please let us know. I will want one to go with my set of books to read when I don’t want to have the Kindle around.

  2. Growing up is hard, so glad you are telling us more about Jamis Arcolin. I’m hoping that someday we hear about his sibling(s?).

    I enjoyed Deeds of Youth, and am hungry for more.

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