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NewBook I is on the way again…I emailed it to my agent yesterday and he got it (confirmation email, yay!)  so there’s that.  I took the rest of the afternoon off for a walk outside and horse chores.

Today I opened NewBook II’s file.  You may recall that it is/was a little over 20K word, enough that I thought its engine would keep turning over and it would be warmed up, ready to rumble, when I got back to it several months later.   That *could* have been the case but…NewBook I had some serious revision work after I had set NewBook II aside.  The intended seamless flow from I to II now…isn’t seamless.  The pieces of story don’t fit together at all, and there’s no way to just pour in some “story epoxy” to fix it.   NewBook I is definitely better for the revision changes, so NewBook II needs  to be revised (already!!!) to be the continuation of the “real” story.

This isn’t how it went with the first Paks series.   Change is inevitable.   II will get its revision before I go forward.

Meanwhile, ”tis the season of the annual Wildlife Management Report and my plan is to spend the most time on that, with an hour a day on NewBook II.   II may get shoved aside if the required report isn’t getting done fast enough.  I’m slower than I used to be.  And I need to spend the time to buy a new printer.



2 thoughts on “On The Way

  1. Hello – good for us, and for your rabid readers. No rush on Book II. I hope the wildlife report is good and that you get a new printer you can both operate and live with.

    Have a good new year and stay safe and sane,

    Jonathan up in cold New Hampshire

  2. Yeah!

    I was also wondering about the WL report if you were still doing/required to do that for your land as I hadn’t heard about it in the run up to the new year. ‘Tis the season for that and it must get done.

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