And the Beat Goes On

The final buffing and polishing (final is an indefinite word since there’s always One More Tyop to find) is now done.   So yesterday morning, bright and early, Book II poked its head up out of the debris left over from Book I and said “So let’s get started.”  And I said “I need to clean up and organize the study.”  And it said “Oh, no, honey, you don’t really want to do that.  You want to listen to ME.  I’ve got STORY here.  Now put your seat on the seat and let’s go.”

I thought, OK, can’t hurt to give it a couple of pages and it’ll slink off at that point and let me at least clear my head with a walk outside.   (You may all take a good hearty laugh now…you know what happened next, right?  Yes, indeedy do, it happened.)   Page after page…the link from book to my brain strengthened.  Fingers flwe (like tht, instead of flew and that)  and it was five pages.  Six.  Eight.  Ten.  I stopped at ten and called Rancherfriend E (it was evening then, I had had a short nap in the afternoon) and read her the first ten pages and she said “MORE!  Keep going!”

This morning I’m at 21.  Twenty one pages already.  Mostly dialogue between Fox Company captains and the Tsaian king’s no-longer-missing brother Camwyn.  Tossing out lines that are….even this early….laying down plot like crazy.   Cross-connections tightening up.  Motivations sprouting, some with flowers and some with thorns, from the mesh.  I don’t see–can’t see–far enough yet to see any ultimate end but there are blinks of tiny images of places and people.  This new plot module I have is very different from the old one, but wow does it *function*.   And it’s busily making digging through my brain like a Roomba hunting around the furniture for things to pick up and take away  (No, we don’t have one, but I’ve seen them at work.)   Mostly it works silently, and just extrudes story onto the page, but occasionally it lets out little beeps of delight or a pleasant sort of hum, very faint.

I need to take some seed out on the land, though, as we *might* have some rain in the next 24 hours,  and we’ve had none for weeks.  Last chance to get some things going for winter annuals in the grass.  And to mark baby/young trees in the East Grass for keeping or cutting.

It’s OK, NewBookII, I’ll be back in an hour.

7 thoughts on “And the Beat Goes On

    1. We got some. I hope enough to bring up some of the old seeds. I’ll take out more tomorrow in hopes of (if I can move…it’s 2:30 am and I’ve been here for hours listening to rain and doomscrolling.)

  1. Hoping the Coriolis effect does its job and you receive the lovely rain we had last night. no wind, just a gentle steady rain for about 2 hours. Our dry desert soaked all but one puddle that is still on our large concrete patio. It’s a low spot and water gathers there. Mom pulled out packages of seed and planted beets last week and today several have popped their cotyledons up. Baby paloverde trees are popping up too but they will get pulled, we don’t need more than we already have on our one acre.

    So excited that plot module is humming along and beeping with delight. I’m in Kings of the North, Andressat and Selfer just met the gnomes. I must admit that my vision of gnomes is somewhat influenced by L. Frank Baum. As Heinlein’s Deety once said “I grew up in Oz”, but I’m sure that Aldonfulk are not afraid of eggs.

    1. It just quit raining maybe 20 minutes ago…we got some good rain, it sounded like.

      I wasn’t a Baum fan, oddly enough. No, the Aldonfulk are not afraid of eggs. Later in this group (can’t remember if you’ve been through it before) Arcolin meets the Gnarrinfulk gnomes after the Finthan mage-hunters have trespassed and actually killed a child on their land, and Gnarrinfulk is ready to declare war on Tsaia and Fintha, and Aldonfulk would come support them in that case.

      Gotta go to bed now the rain’s quit.

  2. <3 the new book 🙂 Looking forward to Book 1.
    I have contacted a tame FB person for you. You or KS may get a contact in return.

  3. New book II sounds like a good companion to have in your head. Husband and I are still chuckling over your report. Sierra Nevada got some light rain at high elevations and showers in the foothills last Saturday. Grateful!!

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