150,000+ And Fireworks

This afternoon, a particular sentence pushed the NewBook length to the approximate, estimated length for a Paksworld book, and I went seriously giddy, made a pan of brownies, and asked R- to go get us fried chicken for supper, and ice cream to go with the brownies.

Snippet here:


“By dark, he had achieved, he thought, the ugliest point ever put on the end of a pole, but it would hurt if it hit you right, and it didn’t fall off or break when he jabbed at a tree section with it.”


Aris, realizing that their entire armory to fight off bad guys (who’ve already attacked) consists of 5 lances, 3 swords, quite a few knives of various types, and a second-hand crossbow he’s not very good with, has decided to try making pole-arm points because they have plenty of trees.  He can make serviceable horse shoes, and the man who gave him that lesson said if you could make horse shoes you could make many other useful things.

Yes, there’s more to go in, and more to come out (the beginning for instance.   My glee at *finally* being able to finish a long story again has led to imagining an ending that would be great in a movie, but maybe not in a book…have to see.

6 thoughts on “150,000+ And Fireworks

  1. I’m so thrilled at this news. Yes, part is the hope of more from Paksworld, but more that you are experiencing the joy of the story flowing and carrying you along.
    More good news this week, Yvonne of Friesian Horses (owner of Uniek and Rising Star) has recovered from the coma enough to appear in a new video. I don’t know enough about concussion damage and recovery, and it sounds like she has
    continuing auditory issues, but it was so good to learn she is up and walking around.

  2. I saw that! So glad she’s started recovery. Judging by two examples (a friend in Canada and my own recovery, both from less serious injuries) she’s got years and years to work through and I hope her auditory system lets up on her, but so much better than it seems just a couple of weeks ago. What a blessing for her family to have her able to see them and speak to them again. My heart’s been bleeding for those two little boys.

  3. I am so pleased to hear about your writing. After hearing about the difficulties you were having after the concussion, and the sheer frustration, I am thrilled that your gift has returned and is galloping forward with so much enthusiasm. The Paks books and the following series are among my very favorite books and I am so eager to see this new story and, hopefully the series it will be part of. But most importantly, I am so happy to see your joy in writing has come back!

  4. Fried chicken, brownies, and ice cream. Does Paksworld have ice cream? (does that planet have a name?) I’m teaching biology and physical science again after a break of about 10 years and have had to catch up on new discoveries and thought. I’m intrigued by the importance of the moon on the health of oceans and other bodies of water of Earth. Do you have thoughts about how sea life might exist on a planet that didn’t have a moon or moons to cause tides?
    Have a super weekend. Here in western Arizona we got lots of rain again last night. I actually have a big puddle outside on the driveway.

  5. I had an excellent Serrano day yesterday. We are taking a short break in Morecambe, on the West coast of England, and we took the train around Morecambe Bay to Barrow-in-Furness, a Victorian town which grew up around ironworks and then shipbuilding yards.

    Wandering around the Dock Museum, looking at ship models, seeing the commentaries on design developments, the huge modern buildings for BAE and sporting a submarine in dock, had me thinking of all Esmay learns in Once a Hero.

    On the way back we stopped in Carnforth, where there is a fabulous bookshop selling both new and second-hand books. Much to my amazement, I found six of the seven Serrano books (three of them in hardback) to supplement my rather battered paperback set!

    A very fortuitous day.

    1. Wpw. Rachel, that sounds like a very fortunate day indeed. I love finding books I want in used bookstores, but they are few and far between now, and when I find them they’re not usually full of more than one or two things I want. Not in the US anyway.

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