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I need some details from the Paladin’s Legacy books, and I’m missing a couple of them, so I can’t just yank them all off the shelf and search.  I know I’m missing both Limits of Power and Crown of Renewal from the shelf.  I’m not sure which book certain details are in, and they’re critical for the scene I’ve been working on today, which is full of self-notes like [name of sister2] and [title of the Girdish person in charge of seeing that Tsaia follows Code of Gird? Marshal Judicar maybe? (found that one)]  I’ve ground to a halt and want to finish that scene.  So anyone who already knows an answer, or has the time to hunt, please help me out.

The scene in which Dorrin goes to the Marrakai house to meet the girl who becomes her squire:  she meets the Duke’s wife.  What’s the wife’s name?  If you notice any other Marrakai children’s names…I need them.  All the children are older by this time of course, but I can’t just throw random Paksworld names at them.

In a later volume in the series,  there are several details I need.

  1.  After badly injured Camwyn’s carried off by Dragon,  Aris Marrakai meets the foal that will become his horse in the book I’m working on.  When it’s old enough he and his father take the mare and foal back to their country estate. How long does it take him and his father to get to the estate?  Days?  One day?
  2.  Did I specify what the foal looked like either then or later in that book?  Was it a bay or a chestnut?  And did it have a star on its forehead, or white on the legs?  I can’t remember.

It’s in that same book, I think, when his father sends Aris back to the palace to report on the mage hunters invading Marrakai land.  Also to report that a Marrakai younger daughter has magery.  I’m pretty sure I gave her a name, but it’s not in my name file as “the daughter with magery.”

Thanks for any help you can give me.



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  1. Marrakai – from Kings of the North (when Dorrin goes to dinner to meet Gwennothlin)
    Juris and Aris are there wife only Lady Marrakai

    didn’t find any new names in Echoes

    in Limits – Julyan Marrakai tries to run off with one of the cart horses (one of the younger sons) didn’t find any other new names – I’ll search Crown tomorrow and and then see what I can find on your other questions

  2. We meet Lady Marrakai from Dorrin’s POV in both KoN and CoR; in the latter we see her also from Aris’s, and in LoP from Arian’s, yet her name appears nowhere I’ve ever spotted.

    (Duke Marrakai is Selis, and Duke Serrostin is Parlan, but I’ve not found his wife’s name either.)

    Paks remembers Aris from Fin Panir as “fourth son” but in CoR he is fourth child, after Juris, Gwenno and another girl, two years older than Aris, whom we meet when he arrives home in CoR (a small speaking part, name not mentioned).

    He goes riding sometimes alone, sometimes with his two sisters. (With trouble reported from Fintha, but no first-hand sighting of mage hunters yet, his father thought then that Aris, with mail shirt, sword and weapons training from the palace, would be enough protection for the girls.) The younger sister with magery is Istilin. But if I’m not jumping to a conclusion, there is also Temris. The latter name we have from Camwyn, in LoP, chapter 6 (when Mikeli mentions at breakfast that the King of Kostandan wants Mikeli to marry Ganlin). To Camwyn, girls – Aris’s sisters or the others he knew – were just people as far as he was concerned. Pretty or plain didn’t matter so much as lively or dull. He liked what he’d heard about Gwenno, but he also liked Temris, a year younger than Aris. So is she Aris’s sister, or one or “the others”? No mention there of the Marrakai girl above Aris, who’d be closest to Camwyn’s own age.

    No mention of that girl, specifically, at the picnic for Queen Arian outside Vérella, either (still in LoP). Arian talks to the Mahieran girls, Naryan who was Gwenno’s friend, and younger Vilian. When Lady Marrakai joins them with a girl about Vilian’s age, Tiran, the latter is a Serrostin daughter. Lady Marrakai does have “five of my own to supervise” there. Julyan, a black-haired boy, was clambering all over one of the cart horses.

    The old lady at the picnic, Maris Mahieran, remarks on Lady Marrakai’s energy and competence “as if she were born entirely Marrakai, which she is not …. [her children’s] so-called Marrakai character comes as much from her”.

    Four days west on the River Road, not hurrying, it took Aris, his father and the foal to reach Marrakai pastures. How long after that down the lane to the house isn’t stated, but the way the passage reads, presumably within the same day.

    The foal, new-born, had spindly legs, a little brush of a tail, milk-smelling breath (it had just been suckling) and a pink tongue. We learn, after the journey home, that the foal is a he, very nice movement, might make a breeder – but nothing about color or markings.

    Oktar, whom we meet several times, is the Marshal-Judicar in Tsaia. A Judicar-General is also mentioned, with no explanation as to the difference (no name either); I’ve been trying to track doiwn the reference, so far without success.

  3. Lady Marrakai’s first name doesn’t seem to be given. Juris is the kirgan, and Aris the Sagan. There are at least two daughters (is Gwenno older than Juris? Not sure) between Juris and Aris, but they don’t seem to have names. The girl with magery is called Istilin, and she is younger than Aris.

    The original Marshal-Judicar – the one who was killed by the old Duke Verrakai – was called Donag Veragsson; the current one is Oktar, but I don’t remember which family he is.

  4. What a lovely excuse to re-read Legacy again, searching for names. I checked LoP page 409 . When Jandelir proposes to Calla, Lady Marrakai congratulates them; but she’s referred to as “Duke Marrakai’s lady” no name. CoR, Chapter 22 Aris goes to see if the chestnut mare had foaled. At dinner when Aris and Duke Marrakai take the foal home, there is a sister two years older than Aris, but her name isn’t mentioned. The time for Aris to return to Verella isn’t given, but his father told him to sleep as little as possible on the road, so it’s more than one day. As Richard mentioned above, they took four days going slow for the foal’s sake… so I guess if you know how fast they could travel with a foal you could estimate how fast Aris and his escort could go traveling fast.
    I’m so pleased for you that the book is moving along. Besides the hope of reading more of your writing, knowing you are doing well is a blessing. My the High Lord continue to bless you!

  5. if it helps with the Marrakai family, in Kings of the North, page 63 when Duke Marrakai talks to Dorrin about Gwenno he says she is between Juris and Aris in age. Since Lady Marrakai said she had five with her a the picnic with Queen Arian there are apparently 8 children: We know Juris, Gwennothlin, Aris, girl two years younger than Aris, younger sister Istilin (with magery) and Julyan a boy who tried to steal the horse. So, there must be two others that you haven’t named yet. One thing I did notice is that lots of boys are named Jamis and Tamis so you may want to use something else. I guess we could work on coming up with more names for you. here’s hoping today is a really good day.

  6. from the Crown – it takes 4 days to bring the foal home – the mare was chestnut – Aris was excited to be raising a breeding stallion
    his younger sister Istilin

    I found no name for Lady Marrakai and no description of the foal

    one of the nice features of the Kindle app is that it allows searches – I could have missed something, but hopefully this helps!

  7. I realise this is a red herring but it was niggling me remembering the line but not being able to place it. EoB, Dorrin’s POV, Marshal-Judicar Oktar to Mikeli, on the legal implications of Beclan’s magery: “Your Judicar-General would say the same.” A person we never met and whose job is quite extraneous to the story, redundant even.

    What I’m thinking about the picnic is that if Aris’s older sister hadn’t revealed herself to you then, Elizabeth, maybe she wasn’t there, and the Marrakai children who were there were the younger ones only. That’s a big family you’ve got yourself. And a wide-ranging story coming along.

    Two volumes missing from your shelf: that’s bad.

  8. Elizabeth — I have ebook versions of both Limits of Power and Crown of Renewal. I’ll be happy to send them to you, in whatever format works best for you. Drop me an email to charlie AT scribes DOT com and I’ll send them back to that email.

  9. Elizabeth — I have (purchased) ebook versions of both of your missing books, and would be happy to send them to you, in the format of your choice. Just let me know where to email them.

    1. Charlie, thank you. I can’t read ebooks (visual problems) comfortably. Did you mean you have paperbacks of those two? I would love to have the mass market editions which would fit right above my desk and be easy to find and grab for looking-up purposes. if you have only ebooks, I’m afraid I have to say “Thanks but no thanks.”

  10. I have two paperback copies of Crown (no I don’t know how that happened either). Happy to send one to you though the postage might be more than the cost to just get one from Amazon. I’ll see if possible to ship for less than purchase. Looks like I have most of the series in UK editions larger format paperback but Crown also in a US edition standard P’back. pm me if interested.

    1. Thank you. That’s with a just-delivered mare and a very young foal. Little baby horses regularly run around (they waited some days to start, to get it to the point where it could) and then flop down and sleep, get up and nurse, bounce around, flop down and sleep, and gradually do more running and bouncing and nursing and less flopping to sleep, but they sure can’t cover the ground as fast as even a pedestrian that’s used to walking say 20 miles a day. They don’t sleep for lots of hours at a time…they take naps, but they’re solid plop-down-sleep, sleep. If you have a cart, you can put the foal in the cart while it’s sleeping and keep the horses walking on, and presumably you could put a foal over the saddle (like ranchers put calves sometime when they’re too weak to get to shelter) but they’re gonna sleep when they sleep.

  11. I take back what I wrote earlier about where in the family Aris is. There could easily be another brother or two between Juris and Gwenno, if wanted. Any such being kept busy in Bells training would account for us never meeting them.

    Annabel Smyth, only in the third summer of Paladin’s Legacy is Gwenno old enough to start Bells training, which will last for three autumns but two springs. (Putting together a summer intake with what Paks told us earlier.) Whereas at the start of the story Juris, along with most or all Mikeli’s friends of the latter’s own age group, has already finished that training, surely? Mikeli was almost 20 at the start, if Paks told us true, and would reach 20 before his Midsummer coronation.

    Palace servants calling Aris “sagan” need not be conclusive. One kirgan, yes, but a title specifically for a second son? Could sagan be for any other son? In any case the servants could be responding to the shoulder knots Aris’s father had him wear for the mission. A title for current role rather than rank?

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