Brief Absence

A friend’s arriving tomorrow to stay for a week, so I probably won’t get anything posted here in that time.   Today was more frantic than it needed to be…I had a full morning planned, but first on the list was paying my credit card bill so I didn’t have to worry…and instead of being able to log in easily…I couldn’t.  Nor could I change my password.  I tried with the AI phone thingie, and then got a live person, and tried twice with the first person, and was eventually passed on to the next person, and…it was shortly before noon that I was *finally* able to log on to their site, and go through the rigmarole necessary to pay the bill.  Yes, it’s easier than sending a check (with the way the USPS has been damaged) but altogether it ate my morning and exhausted my brain (I think I had to make up four new unique passwords, or maybe five, before finally, FINALLY having the process work as it’s supposed to.

Many thanks due to the two live people who tried to help, who were friendly, patient, and willing to stick with me and the problem until it finally unkinked and let me in.

But by then, tired, brain-fried, and so on, I still had the morning’s stuff to do plus the afternoon’s stuff.   I wanted to be in bed by 9 tonight, but it’s right on 10pm now, and several errands got skipped.

I do strongly recommend, for anyone interested in a heartwarming story about a young equestrian I watch a lot on You Tube, this video of her ride at Badminton Grassroots.   Plus several previous posts if you’re really into horses: the two of Millie’s newfoal, one at about 12 hours and one when the foal was (I think) 10 days old., and the pre-Badminton one on “how to ride a clean cross-country at Badminton” with a 5-star, Olympian, World Champion eventer, Ginny Elliott, explaining to Meg what to look at, how to assess the course and plan a good trip.  The results are in that link up front.

My posting brain will return when Karen’s gone back to Oswego, NY.  For one week the other stuff going on will, we both hope, be out of mind so we can talk of family stuff, writing stuff, personal stuff, horse stuff.

9 thoughts on “Brief Absence

  1. When I was one of the board members of a charity we had an away weekend at the “cottage” at Badminton, as the marchioness was on the same board. The “cottage” slept all fifteen board and staff, as well as the family! This wasn’t at horse trials time, they would have been far too busy then, but the grounds were amazing to walk around.

    Have a lovely time with your friend!

    1. I suspect that “cottage” could have held the several cottages like the one we rented for the three nights! But how wonderful to see those grounds–green and spangled with little yellow flowers in the video from this year.

  2. Enjoy the visit of your friend; thank you for letting us know, because I am a worrier, the daughter of a worrier who was the daughter of a worrier, and so on. I sympathize with you and online password issues, the college where I teach insists we change passwords frequently and making up new passwords that have never been used before frustrates me!

  3. Passwords are so annoying! Calling companies who use robots instead of humans are so (words I won’t use on your page). Fighting with both re mobile phones left me ready to destroy things recently.

  4. Just a note to say I thought of you when watching this evening’s CBS News segment about four senior West Point cadets being selected as Rhodes Scholars. All women. Pretty cool.

  5. I have seen a couple of articles about security and passwords recently. It is apparently mathematically certain that the length of a password determines its security much more so than any arcane combination of caps or special characters or digits. My work recently went to a 16-character “passphrase” that can be all-alpha, and all lower-case if desired. I find it *wonderful*!

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