Whatever That Was…

I’m glad I’m (almost) well again.    And I’ve now eaten some T-day foods, so I’m satisfied with the holiday week, if not with the holiday itself, or the several days before it when whatever-that-was and my immune system battled inside me.     I still have coughing spells.  I’m still not bursting with energy (was it only last Monday that I walked/ran in stretches for a couple of miles on the 80 acres?  Yes.)  But I’m mostly well, and each day’s better than the one before, so I expect full recovery pretty quickly.  Today was cold and rainy, but…turkey & gravy, a favorite if it’s home-baked and hot on a cold dank day.

So my thankfulness today was largely that I didn’t feel like I felt Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday.  No, I don’t know what it was.  So far, R- hasn’t shown any symptoms of it, and by the timing I had (from my last excursion into the world, the trip to buy running shoes and change out cellphones) , if he was going to catch it from me, it should’ve shown up by now.   So our in-home social distancing seems to have worked, and being together in a closed car (weather)  for a total of at least an hour (counting both ways) hauling me someplace to be tested would have been stupid (something we decided as I started feeling sick on Monday evening.)

By the end of the week I expect to be back on the trail(s) working off today’s indulgences and whatever dietary errors I made while sick.  Yay!

7 thoughts on “Whatever That Was…

    1. Thank you. Recovery’s progressing well. Depending on how long it takes me at the grocery tomorrow, I may actually run a little, as well as walk a couple of miles. R- is still sick, so won’t be doing the big shopping he usually does on Thursdays. It’s up to me. I’ve been avoiding it while losing weight…fewer temptations…but…here I’ll be going tomorrow morning, into the maelstrom of wonderful smells and flavors. I’ve lost nearly all the weight gained last week while sick and not exercising (and eating things I probably…certainly…shouldn’t have.)

  1. Sorry you had whatever it was, I hope the coughing fits cease pronto.

    We have snow here which is strange. where I live is in an odd little pocket that rarely gets any snow, even when all around us not just the hills do; to the extent that if we have to take a journey when there has been a bad forecast we check what the roads are like four or five miles away, because they can be snowy when we just have damp. Further it is November, on the rare occasion we get snow it is in January or February, definitely not November. The snow is the result of Storm Arwen which adds to the strangeness, neither book nor film arwen were in any way stormy. The snow is very beautiful, it’s just wrong.

  2. Cannot have one of my favourite authors feeling all seedy. So here is a great big wish for your continued recovery.

    Just finished third time through the Serrano epic. Still get the tingle.

    Vatta next.

    Big Hugs from New Zealand

    1. Thank you! Today I felt better yet–not quite 100%, but well enough to go help move some rocks from Pile A to a ditch. I can still throw rocks a few feet but my aim isn’t that good. We were near the east end, then I went up and walked the north fence trail to the creek, and beyond on a winding trail up to the west end, then south to second rain barn (Owl, named for a great horned owl we saw in that area) and checked that, then back to the creek crossing, the north fenceline, into the dry woods, and thence back to the house. Something over two miles, and only one coughing fit. Or maybe two, but anyway, not many. So that’s better.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I’ve been having a go of whatever-it-was, too; in the UK you can get a box of free lateral flow tests from any pharmacy, but we were travelling, and as we were going to have to take a PCR test nearly as soon as we got home, I couldn’t quite see the point – after all, if my lateral flow had been positive, I’d have had to have taken a confirmatory PCR anyway (they send you them to do at home if necessary).

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