Snow Ponies

Sunday, January 10, we had 3-4 inches of snow.  At times it was fairly heavy.  Ragtime and Tigger decided that snow wasn’t worth standing in the barn for, though they had come in for breakfast when it was still a mix of cold rain and sleet. But snow?  The boys thought that being snow ponies instead of show ponies was a great idea.  I didn’t get the really good pictures because I just stood there watching before going to get the camera.  This pic is after they’d trotted and loped around looking SO cute and decorative and were cooling off (!!).

Snow elsewhere, later, at just about max depth: top pic, front, lower pic, back, beginning to melt

Last pic was taken later, when I could stand on the back step scraper-mat in sandals (cold but OK) after pushing the snow off the mat with a broom.   My  outside mud/snow boots were in the utility room, which opens to the front of the house, and I couldn’t wear them inside w/o really dirtying things.  Horses and top pic were taken from the front porch.  Today it’s sunny and not exactly warm but not exactly cold either.  Ears & hands get chilly in the breeze but otherwise OK.




10 thoughts on “Snow Ponies

  1. I’m an Arizona desert girl, went to college in ’78- 79 in Waxahachie, TX and that winter it did freezing rain and sleet with snow over President’s day weekend. I didn’t return the following year. Your ponies are cute. Stay safe, ice isn’t fun.

    1. All the ice & snow are gone…snow here, even in the heavier snow years after we moved here 40 years ago, never stayed long. When I was living in Alexandria VA, though, I learned a lot about ice and snow. Sent me back here when I got out of the military.

  2. I don’t like snow, but this year, with no way it can keep us indoors any more than Covid-19 already does (i.e. pretty much 24/7), jit would be pleasant to look at. But all we get is rain, rain, rain, which makes me not want to go out for any kind of walk, even when allowed! Am rather jealous of your few beautiful hours!

    1. Annabel: We are so grateful for having the space to go outside without risking anyone else or ourselves. My heart hurts for people who cannot leave their small apartments and have nothing to look at out the window (if there is one) but the side of another building. Everyone in this town, rich or poor, can at least *see out*, and those of us on the town “rim” can see open countryside. Not as beautiful as in England, but lovely nonetheless, and the eye can rest on distance. Our county, north of Austin, is deep in a surge; every week seems worse than the last and it’s just gone up and up since sometime in November.

  3. Just a quick one – on your foot book page, a lot of people have posted – some are worried and some wish you were back on foot book.

    Stay safe and sane

    Jonathan – going to the dentist – perhaps an extraction – abcess.

  4. Hi – the dentist, who is also an MD, was fast and painless. Zip Zap and the offending tooth was out.

    Stay sane and safe.

    Jonathan up here in NH.

    1. Glad to hear it went well, Jonathan. The tooth I had out in 2018 was a long and not-pain-free removal, but it was a tooth that had decided to grow a baseball at the end of itself (the downward end). However, a few days later things were much better.

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