Happy New Year!

Two days later.  That’s because ON New Year’s rain fell, wind blew, the thermometer dropped and I was busy keeping horses hayed up and (relatively) happy.   It cleared off in the evening so people could shoot off their fireworks and the horses could disapprove.  New Year’s Eve was also rainy, windy, cold.  We got 2.6 inches, a nice start to the year; if continued throughout the year it would count as a “wet” year.   I don’t expect that.   But dealing with that kind of rain  is a messy business, and I kept coming in chilled and ready to nap or at least take off damp things, put on a dry outer layer, and crawl under the covers to warm up.  Thank goodness for big rubber boots.  And long johns.   I don’t get any writing done on days like that, because I’m in and out every couple of hours–putting on the outerwear, leaving by the utility room door, into the wet wind from there to the barn, doing whatever needs doing (it always included picking up manure in the barn on these days, putting out hay, checking the water and cleaning & refilling tubs as needed), walking back to the front of the house, getting the boots off, anything damp off and laid out to dry, catching my breath and warming up before the next trip out.

Well, so it’s 2021.  I was beginning to think it was a prime number but lo!  43 x 47 = 2021.   I did it the slow-but-sure way, starting with the single-digit primes that *might* have been possible (given that 1 on the end) and finally getting to 43.  Its challenges are already staring us all in the face.

My personal ones include getting New Book’s proper skeleton inserted.  Right now still at the autopsy stage of “foot bone connected to the leg bone…where the heck IS the leg bone?”   I’ve asked the Plot Daemon, who opens a bleary eye and mumbles “Dunno,” at me.   Though a very productive discussion w/R- this evening.   Another challenge will be getting myself back on the horse more, which may mean a minor surgical procedure and recovery therefrom.   Hope not.  Immediate is to write up the yearly wildlife management report and turn that in to the county tax office.  Maybe should work on the one with the closest due date first?

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, Elizabeth! May 2021 (“Against the odds”) prove to be a year of renewed health, discernment, creativity, happiness and prosperity for our polity, our communities, our families, and all in your household and barn!

  2. Yes, closest due dates do have a priority. But so do ones that you know will take you longer, even if county tax office thinks otherwise.

  3. Happy New Year to my favorite author, and blessings on you and your loved ones, including the horses. And thank you so much for all the marvelous books, and for the delightful insights into what it takes to write them!

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