SF and Soup

When a science fiction writer makes soup and then wants to take a picture of it…my, what strange things get into into the picture.  Is that cute little alien *pregnant*??? What’s with the one straddling a big of carrot and holding (?) a black bean?   (This being a winter soup, it started with 4 cups of mixed dried beans soaking overnight, then going into a 12 quart pot with a ham bone, some additional smoked ham hocks, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, diced tomatoes and green chilis, green beans, corn, mushrooms, spinach, and will acquire some more stuff tomorrow.  We had it (the soup, not the aliens, unless we did eat them, whatever they are) for supper.  I suspect both little aliens just want to be in the book.

But wait…is that another alien just above the pinkish bean and black bean? One blue eye, one yellow, a sort of topknot?

A divided grin?  And then those little pairs of eyes looking out from under the celery, and the ones below the next celery….?

2 thoughts on “SF and Soup

  1. Hi – Get out of the house and ride a horse – you may be losing it. But do you really eat aliens – the bread and butter for a science fiction writer? I hope you do not feed them to the livestock.

    But soup is good for the cold weather we are starting to have here in New Hampshire.

    Stay safe and say sane,


  2. The soup is delicious…It’s hard NOT to have a good-tasting soup with a ham bone, some ham hocks, beans in abundance, plus a lot of other vegetables. And mushrooms. And herbs.

    No, I’m not losing it. We went out to see Jupiter and Saturn coming closer tonight. I was afraid the visibility wouldn’t be good enough, but a cold front arrived just in time to push the fog bank somewhere else and give us a look.

    Rags and Tigger were both in the south barn lot…Rags’ large white patches made him semi-visible but Tigger wasn’t until he moved against the distant lights and skyline.

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