The Writer Buys Another Horse

After Mocha, who bucked me off and gave me the concussion (but is happily with her new family in California)  and Molly, whose attitude to anything adults want her to do is “Make me, sucker!” though she goes kindly for children, I am now the happy owner of Kallie (barn name) who is a 15 yo registered Arabian with a lovely personality and attitude.   And mismatched front feet with some navicular issues.  Oh, well.  Lovely walk and trot, even with the mild lameness (which was aggravated at her former home by keeping her barefoot with a bad trim.)   Her X-rays don’t look horrible, but they are definite: she has navicular issues, always will have them, but they should be manageable with the right trim and the right shoes and avoiding activities that would aggravate the problem.   (No hard stops, hard turns at speed, much running under saddle, jumping.  Should be fine at walk, trot, and canter if not too much trot and canter on dirt or grass, OK on a hard surface at a walk if not too prolonged.  Crossing the ditch on the gravel crossing, fine.  Riding her on a paved road or gravel road for miles…no.)    There are no pictures of me riding her yet (I won’t ride her until she’s got shoes on) but here are a few of her being tacked up in crossties and a badly fitted halter and fly mask, and being ridden by my trainer, Laci.

She’s not a tiny horse; she’s just under 15 hands.  Laci is six feet tall.


3 thoughts on “The Writer Buys Another Horse

  1. She’s beautiful, and I hope she and you develop a good relationship and enjoy each other’s company. I always wanted an Arabian when I was a horse crazy little girl.

  2. Good for you. I hope that the two of you have a good relationship, and the horses feet difficulty will keep you from trying anything too dangerous.

    Jonathan up here in New Hampshire where the leaves are beginning to turn.

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