New Vatta-verse Story

I have a new Vatta story in Infinite Stars, a new anthology edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt that’s out today. .

It fits between the end of Vatta’s War and the beginning of Cold Welcome, and is the story that I originally planned Ky’s first meeting with Jen–that I posted here or thought I did–to be part of.   It’s also the story described in this post from last year:

Just to complete the fun.  Today’s adventure (I hope) will be the installation of a dishwasher in Rent House next door; the stove comes later in the week.   And I need to track down the electrician guy again because he didn’t finish Friday and there are wires hanging out of walls still.  Also, why did one closet light disappear???


8 thoughts on “New Vatta-verse Story

  1. Installing a dishwasher next door – is there something about elderly science fiction/fantasy writers that makes them do all kinds of fixing up of dwelling places. If you follow Mc. C. J. Cherryh, she has been ripping up her kitchen and installing a new one.

    I have had a new washing machine installed this year and am also elderly but alas am not a writer of anything other than checks and shopping lists.

    Fall is here.

    Jonathan up in New Hampshire

  2. Congratulations on the new story – book downloading to my Kindle even as we speak (why is it so easy to buy books these days – my poor pension creaks at the seams at times!).

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