As of tonight, we’re stuck in testing the blogs in their new home.   Something’s not working right with the WordPress files.   I think I know what the problem is…or rather I hope I do…but we’re still not set up over there, and time is ticking away.   I think the problem is that the WordPress theme I liked and customized for the first three blogs…which isn’t available now…isn’t being recognized by the updated WordPress software at the new place.  This blog should be OK, as it was created only early last year, on a current theme, but I don’t have confirmation yet that it was only (!) three out of the four that were  glitched.

There’s also been a slightly more serious health problem that popped up almost two weeks ago, but I think we have that fastened down again, at least for long enough to finish the book and get these websites/blogs back into action in their new place.  It will require further investigation then, to be sure that what we think it is, isn’t something else.   Nothing for you folks to worry about, just one of those things that happens now and then to take up time that could’ve been spent working on the book.

Into the Fire is now undergoing revisions and rebalancing after the addition of another, um, 20,000 words that have to come back out, from somewhere.   I really could use the ability to work 24 hrs/day for a week.

8 thoughts on “Difficulties

    1. Thank you. This morning I moved a chunk of INTO THE FIRE about a hundred pages frontward, cut (so far) about a thousand words (combination of things, including “OK, nobody really cares in this scene who sat in which chair; why did I ever think it mattered?” for two paragraphs that laboriously placed each of four persons in a large living room in a particular chair. This is what happens when I’m writing a scene as I “see” it develop.)

  1. Into the Fire – Ky takes lessons from Paks in horseshoe fabricating.

    Jonathan up in New Hampshire where it is getting warmer.

    1. I don’t think Ky and Paks are destined to be BFFs. At least not between the pages of a book. When I have time & energy again, I’ll have to drag them both into Universes and see how they get along. Ky and Esmay Suiza, now…that’s a combination to watch.

  2. Thanks for the update. Seems like whenever I have to change something computer-related it never goes as smoothly as I hoped. And we will be patient.

    1. Comment from web guru later in the day: Paksworld and 80 acres blogs are showing up (not sure what that means in terms of “ready to go live”) but it’s the Universes one–which has the much newer theme–that’s being difficult. You’re right–changing computer stuff never goes as smoothly as you hope. Either software or hardware upgrades can break things and trying to get back to where you were…may never happen.

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