The Great Rush

So plot bombs often have the effect of shoving a story forward a little faster for awhile. This one is accelerating at a significant number of Gs.   I hadn’t anticipated earlier that X would do what X did, and that was a last week’s surprise, but hardly a plot bomb.  But then the plot bomb freed Y to do something, and Y–it was like having a very, very compressed coiled spring and then SPROINNNNNNNG! it’s loose.

It doesn’t happen that often, but the day the words start pouring out and you can feel that they are mostly the right words, not words you’re putting down dutifully, one after another, but a shower of gold sovereigns, are days that hearten a writer.  It’s working, it’s working.  (Though you have to be prepared for some of those glittering gold sovereigns to turn to lead in a week or so and require editing, it’s easier editing because they actually are good words, just not perfect ones yet.)

I have to be careful not to write past the flow today…SO good to have to pick a point to turn off the spigot and do healthier things that sit crouched over a keyboard, instead of sitting down and thinking “OK, now…what should happen here?” and slowly putting one brick on another and another.  Yet the more drudge parts of writing are necessary for the plot bombs to happen.

4 thoughts on “The Great Rush

    1. Dan Caldwell: Unless you’re a time-traveler from the future, the post to which you replied appeared three days ago, November 14, 2016. So “this ends a year ago and nothing since” is factually in error. Did you misread the date on the post? Or were you talking about something else?

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