Cold Welcome Has Cover!

First look at the cover for Cold Welcome.  I think it looks good and cold, all right.  Unfortunately, it turns out this theme will not display the image at the top of the post–in fact won’t display it at all unless I write enough text to make it say “Read More.”  Never mind: the cover image is behind the cut.


The streaky red and gold bits are sparks blowing in the wind.   Ky Vatta is facing a different kind of challenge from any before.  But she’s not about to give up; she’s handled the unexpected before.  After all, she’s now commanding the Space Defense Force, a multi-system space fleet that defeated a pirate consortium.  She knows what to expect of battles in space, ambushes on space stations, combat in a high-tech environment.

The universe holds other challenges that those, and it will take more than her tactical skills or personal charisma to get her–and those who depend on her–out of this one.

6 thoughts on “Cold Welcome Has Cover!

  1. The cover threw me. I almost didn’t even look at synopsis. If it hadn’t had the name Elizabeth Moon on it I wouldn’t have bothered. That said CAN’T WAIT! Have pre-ordered the book already.

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