In New York City April 1?

My publisher, Penguin Random House, has chosen The Speed of Dark as one of their books to highlight for National Autism Awareness Day,  April 1, 2016, in conjunction with Autism Speak’s Light It Up Blue.   It will be on display at their headquarters, 1745 Broadway, with some copies to give away.  And of course I’m excited about that and absolutely delighted to be part of the display.

If you’re in NYC and can drop by their location, 1you can see not just my book but other of their books about autism.   (If you haven’t seen that lobby, it’s worth a look–I was awestruck the first time I saw those tall, TALL walls of books they’d published.  It still gives me a thrill.)  If you’re not familiar with The Speed of Dark,  here’s a link to its website:   It won the Nebula Award in 2003, and was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award as well.

I wish I could be there to see it, so if you do go, please take a picture and send it to me via the contact link.   I’ll post any pictures of the event that I get on this blog, with attribution to the photographer.

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