Emergency J6 Committee Hearing

Folks–if you’re able, get to Twitter or YouTube and watch this committee hearing.

https://twitter.com/MeidasTouch  or https://www.youtube.com/c/MeidasTouch

Right now it’s an intro show they do, but in about 35 minutes it’ll be the committee hearing.


3 thoughts on “Emergency J6 Committee Hearing

  1. Completely off topic, but using this to post a request. Yvonne of the Friesian Horses channel on Youtube had a fall from a horse and suffered severe head injury. Her husband posted an update on the channel and one of the moderators on the channel has posted a request that people watch the library of videos and let the ads play because Youtube pays based on ads on the videos. If you have nothing to do and want to watch pretty horses, please do. It does make me sad watching them, knowing that Yvonne is apparently quite ill.

    1. OMG–such a lovely woman and I’ve enjoyed watching her and the Friesians. I looked up the one with her husband talking. SO sad. I’ll see if I can get the videos to play in the background while I’m writing. Ours is not the best connection at times.

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