After the Storms….We Were Lucky

For anyone wondering how close the tornadoes in Texas got to us yesterday evening…not close enough to do any harm, and the friends that I called (more directly in track) were also OK.  One vehicle got a tree landed on it.  Our internet went out, so we were just peeking outside at intervals at the cloudy/heavy rain/sunshine/more heavy rain/alternations  all with high wind.  We were very lucky; the friend whose family member had taken their daughter to volleyball practice was lucky to be inside when the tree landed on the vehicle.  Horses are coated in mud because, of course, they rolled in the mud when the storm passed (and Tig stood out in it awhile, so Rags is muddier.)   The red oaks broke bud yesterday within hours of the first drizzle in the morning; this morning the cedar elms and the red oaks have tiny-tiny touches of pale green out.

A cold front came through after the storms and cleared the sky–the north west wind isn’t, so far, as strong as the south wind that preceded it.  The back yard–which was tan with small bits of green showing, is getting greener by the hour, and some of that green is already an inch taller than it was yesterday.   Everything had been waiting for rain.  The redbuds are now in full bloom, whereas only a few had opened before.  When I get out that far, I’m sure the bluebonnet clumps will be “mounded up” and I hope to find bud-break on the trees injured by last fall’s fire, so we know which limbs are really dead and need removal.  Day after tomorrow, daytime highs are expected to be in the 80s again (today in the 70s, tomorrow high 70s) and the fire danger warning is already back on the list.

No more rain in sight; full sun and a drying wind.

But for now it’s beautiful.

14 thoughts on “After the Storms….We Were Lucky

  1. Glad you are all ok.

    The greening up of spring is so vibrant, the oak trees on Top O’ the Hill (our view out back) have leafed up, and the primroses on the drive are out too.

  2. Hi, I’m a bit behind on watching horses on Youtube, so this has been up a few days and you may have seen it. As I watched Friesian Horses, I thought of you. Rising Star was being groomed and Yvonne had a bridle and rope on him. She knotted the rope on the poles of the stable and Rinse Janko came over and tugged and tugged until he got the knot undone. It was delightful watching RS and RJ playing with the rope. Video is called, “I’ll help you escape Rising Star”. Anytime anyone needs a pick me up these two are delightful.

    1. I haven’t seen that one yet! It sounds like fun. I don’t know if I’ll get to it today; my back is in a rage because I spent way too long, too late, hunched over the computer watching reports on the confirmation hearings of Judge Jackson. SO MANY Republican Senators need to be taken back to kindergarten and schooled in basic manners, then in the Constitution, then in law. I won’t say I couldn’t believe how awful they were, because I already knew they were awful, but the pettiness, the ignorance, the racism, the sexism, the sheer partisan malice, all on display with absolutely no self-awareness…disgusting. So now the back is outraged at me (deservedly so) and I can’t stay online but for very brief periods today.

    2. Unfortunately, our Texas senators were among the most disgusting questioners. I already didn’t like them, but that display went beyond the bounds!

      1. The two Cs get Fs for their Qs. Cornyn & Cruz are equally bad Senators, I think, but differently flavored. Cruz was openly involved in the J6 mess, out stumping around and sticking his fist in the air…Cornyn, whom I also think was involved, was as usual working under cover, as Mitch McConnell’s right hand man. Cornyn could pass for a gentleman; Cruz, rumor has it, is generally disliked even in his own party and is shunted off on errands to the rougher elements. But neither of them could put up anything polite, let alone civil when faced with a Black woman eminently qualified for a seat on SCOTUS.

  3. Glad things are getting back to normal. Lee Martindale mentioned that your internet was out but you were all otherwise well so your mutual readers wouldn’t worry.

    1. R- went over to the nearest John Deere dealer yesterday to get a replacement for the Evil Orange Riding Mower that started the wildfire last fall, and saw several evidences of tornado on the ground out on farmland–but that was thirty or forty miles from us. Here, the only evidence of storms is the green of sprouting grass and leaves. Very lucky indeed. Our internet was out that evening, but back on when we booted our computers yesterday morning.

    1. It certainly has, and I hope we get some more rain in April and May to bring up good grass and hayfields (nor OUR hayfields, but someone’s nearby.) Last year’s hay was not very good; I’m hoping for better this year. And envying the hay I see on the YouTube videos from England…no wonder their horses look so good. Also their cattle.

  4. Hi – glad all you got was rain and wind. It is truly amazing how things come alive in the spring. The bushes outside my condo will bud and then flower. Evil Orange Mower – now there is a character for a story. Move over Christine. I do not like the confirmation hearings for justices as the radical right members of the senate are truly awful and would not vote for Solon himself.

    Stay safe and stay sane,

    Jonathan up here recovering from pneumonia.

    1. The Evil Orange Mower could’ve killed my husband–the fire started in the mower and he was just able to get off it in time. It was from the same company as a Not-As-Evil Orange Chain Saw.

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