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In COLD WELCOME, chapter 37, Grace, MacRobert, etc. are flying west from Port Major across the continent to a city on the west coast where they will meet Stella coming in from off-planet.  I do not have the final version of this book on the computer; it has them flying to Portmentor.   I also have a Names file that lists Portmentor on a different continent and Hautvidor as being on the west coast opposite to Port Major.

Worse, I can’t find my copy of COLD WELCOME, which I had only a few weeks ago and which has disappeared into the book heaps.  I need to know the city name in the published version.   I remember a confusion about that when I wrote it, but the inconsistency between the name file and the book’s NEW_revision file (the latest dated that I have) is a problem.

If the chapter titles aren’t consistent with that in the published version, my apologies…it comes after MacRobert is rescued from the Malines warehouse and before Rafe remotely blows up that server farm.

In this book, Rafe and Ky are on a train across the continent from Port Major to City X, and since they spend some time in City X I need to know its name.

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  1. “For now. This flight has scheduled deliveries to make; we’re picking up Stella at Portmentor; I didn’t want her coming into Port Major this trip.” Grace sat down in one of the empty seats.”

    I that the passage you are looking for?

    Jonathan up here in warming New Hampshire

  2. I did a search for Hautvidor – only one entry but no mention as to where it is. “Hautvidor, very modern city, where everyone has a good work ethic.” one of the sargents in Ky’s party.

    1. Hautvidor is in Arland, is what Cosper said. Arland is big enough to have a west coast, because that is where Master Sergeant Marek was from.

  3. Richard: Yes, and that’s a problem. At some point I made the error of updating the Names file without reviewing the previous books, and put cities on the wrong continents. There’s never been a planetary map because of time constraints, though the continents developed names. Arland was the first settled, largely because the Grinock volcano’s explosion/collapse result was so obvious from space when the explorers and then first colonists arrived. On closer examination it wasn’t as good a site for a large city as they’d thought, so they moved south to Port Major. Cities…well, I didn’t do travel on Slotter Key until COLD WELCOME.

    And the Name file then led to mistakes, which I partly untangled in INTO THE FIRE but only by wrenching things sideways, so to speak. Simply put, I screwed up and there’s no way out of it except to blame the characters who misspoke where they came from.

  4. Treat it like Rex Stout – the address for Nero Wolf’s brownstone is given as different at various times – in the East River. But no one really cares. We are more interested in Ky et al rather than where they are.

    And we do not demand US Geological Survey maps of Slotter Key.

  5. They only sent you ONE copy of Cold Welcome?

    Sorry for pestering you so much – has the Facebook problem been resolved? Was your account hacked?

    1. Jonathan–no, they sent me more, but I have one (it’s the UK trade paperback, easier to handle at the computer) that I use for reference. The remains of what they sent me are packed away somewhere (R- decided to clear the living room floor of books at one point…I suspect they’re in the storage unit.)

      No, I’m not back on FB yet. I don’t have the spare brains right now to try out the various suggestions given while I’m focused on the end of NewBook and the LifeStuff that’s crowding me. I’ll announce it here when I’m back there.

  6. *whispers*I’m enjoying you not being on facebook as I no longer have an account, and they won’t let me have one as I won’t use my ‘real’ name*stops whispering*

    1. FB’s policies are insanely convoluted and unreasonable, as many have pointed out.

      Alas, most of the people I would like to reach (readers, potential readers) with the FB account…an account my publisher wanted me to have…will not come find me here. And I have friends who won’t come here for reasons I don’t understand. I do enjoy some of the groups…rec.eq.facebook, the new iteration of the old rec.equestrian on Usenet, and a couple of groups for older riders, are delightful. Rec.eq, home of some spectacular flamewars back in the day, has cooled off some as most of us have aged out of that much Attitude or have gained a lot more experience with internet miscommunications. The rec.eq mods, who started on Usenet, are GOOD. I enjoy the pictures of people with their horses in lovely settings I’ll never see. I like checking in with people who won’t come here but are longtime friends. Otherwise, though, FB is a PITA.

    2. Oh you having a facebook account makes complete sense, I just get a tad frustrated as so many of the authors I follow use facebook as their main communication tool, so I miss a lot. Daft as it sounds I get worried about you if you don’t post here for a long time.

      I was dobbed in by someone, and in return for the ‘priviledge’ of allowing me to return to facebook with an account under my legal name, facebook wanted to see my passport and driving license, not copies of them, the actual documents. I really didn’t want an account under my legal name so it wasn’t a difficult decision, but I do miss various friends I had made in dog forums that have migrated to facebook. Ah well.

      1. They wanted you to send them the actual documents??? That’s ridiculous. Stupid. Over-the-top dangerous, too. How were you supposed to drive legally if you’d sent them your actual driver’s license. I might (MIGHT) let them see it on Zoom, these days, but send it to someone else? Hell no in a handbasket.

  7. Elizabeth, one of the problems with people following you here from FB may be that it is rather difficult.
    FB > elizabeth > Moonscape > contact/social media > Contact Info > Universes Blog. Rather long pathway, and not intuitive choices.

    1. There’s no separate click for “moonscape” or “social media” within “contact/social media.” The pathway is: Website> contact/social media> Universes blog: it’s on the list on the contact/social media page. How could it be more intuitive? What would you suggest?

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