FaceBook, Alas. Again.

Monday night FaceBook suddenly went crazy on me, and started reloading continuously, which meant it never reloaded completely.  I have no idea what happened, or how to fix it.   The  “reload” icon and “X” icon blinked alternately very fast.  So…no FaceBook for me.   (I can waste hours on horse videos and old PBS mystery programs, though, or other programs with pretty countryside and sometimes horses, so aside from posting pictures of my horses or my cooking or the countryside, and arguing politics, nothing lost.  But people will be wondering. I’m not sick; I’m not hurt; I haven’t been kidnapped by aliens or Those People (yet), so if you are on FB and run across someone worried by my absence, let them know it’s a computer glitch involving FB only and I’m here,  and expect to be posting more here while I try to unkink the kinks in FB.

And if you know why loading FB might have turned into a whirlwind of “reload” and “X”, and how to fix that, please let me know here.

Thanks.  Off to put in another hour on the book this morning.


7 thoughts on “FaceBook, Alas. Again.

  1. That twitchy reloading thing has been happening all over FB. It will go away, but maybe happen again. Whee. I’ve reported it to FB, and hope that if enough of us complain, they’ll take notice.

  2. So glad to know you are well; wishing you, R, M, and the ponies a wonderful Sunday. Thank you for sharing your writing process; I appreciate the advice to get a piece of paper and see what happens. Even if all I do is doodle quilt patterns at least it’s something creative. This week will involve attempting to explain DNA and RNA transcription to college sophomores that are more interested in playing basketball.

  3. You might want to try a different browser or updating the one you’re using (if you can.) That might fix the issue.

  4. Normally that sort of thing can be caused by a web page storing something locally in the browser (via cookies or similar), and this storage becoming corrupted. So flushing cookies related to facebook.com and fb.com fbcdn.com , etc can help. Or using a different browser. Or clearing the storage of the app if you are using the app.

    Other possibilities include:
    FB took a dislike to some browser extension you are using (eg, an ad blocker)

    Some algorithm at facebook has decided that you are a Russian fake news account (pretty unlikely)

    1. Thank you, Alex B. One minor problem…I don’t know HOW to flush cookies by specific origin (OK, admitting total failure, I can’t remember how to flush cookies at all.) Help?

      I have only one browser extension running, the one that restores the appearance of FB on my machine. They might hate it, but I hate the distorted mess FB made of my header images. Then again, I do miss sharing the horse stories over there, and being on the equestrian interest-groups (only three…or is it four…? there are dozens.) I don’t know how to clear storage of the app. Hmmm. (I’m in the very last segment of the book I’m writing. At this point *all* my neurons are focused on the book, not on anything else but activities of daily living and sometimes I screw up those.)

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