I was supposed to post this earlier but we had thunderstorms and rain and more rain and thunderstorms…and I did post it where people who don’t come here and might now know the book’s about to be out could find it easily.  But I sure didn’t mean to neglect y’all here.   It was a great Book Day because it rained (and we needed rain again)  and I went out after the rain finally stopped in my big rubber boots and sploshed around in the water running through the grass waterway to check water quality (good in the near meadow, good some other places, predictably imperfect in others, but if the low end is better than the high end, the grass/sedge/forb filtration system is doing its job.

The book is out for sure in the US, lacks two days of being out in the UK (less than that now, since it’s tomorrow there by now)  and people seem to be enjoying the Audible sample.

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    1. This and INTO THE FIRE for sure, but I don’t know beyond that. INTO THE FIRE finishes my contract. And I need a break badly–a serious, no deadlines on the calendar at all, break in which I can get the next eye surgery (and see how that affects my ability to work on the computer), recondition the body that’s put everything into finishing the contract for the last two and a half years, do some other things around here that need doing urgently. There will be, for Vatta fans, a short story coming out in an anthology whose name I can’t grab this morning (I’m about to leave for church–singing at the midday Good Friday service.) It fits between VATTA’S WAR and VATTA’s PEACE. Gotta go. It’s 9:30; rehearsal starts at 11 and I have to be in my robe by then (it’s not something comfortable to drive in.)

    1. That was fascinating, Daniel. Thanks for sharing it. It’s astonishing to me to contemplate what might be possible in my lifetime-and I’m in my 60’s.

  1. Excellent news! Will definitely have to look at picking it up this weekend. Started re-reading the The Familias Regnant series last week, will have to read the new book when I’m finished.

  2. Just finished Cold Welcome. What a gas. Very good read.

    I give Ms. Moon full Marks.

    After Into the Fire, take your time. Health is important.

    Jonathan up here in fast warming N. H.

  3. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for another great story. I agree with what Jonathan said; please take the time you need for your health. And may your Easter choir singing be beautiful and fulfilling!

  4. Easter choir singing went very well. Taken in whole, the music for Holy Week services touches every emotional nerve: today is relief and joy.

    Houseguest arrived from upstate NY just as the service ended; I changed out of choir robes and we headed for home, where we put together an Easter dinner. I had a pre-cooked, pre-sliced little ham and had made spiced pear sorta-preserves yesterday for a glaze for it, and also boiled some potatoes to finish off in the oven with the ham as it heated. We had asparagus with a brown butter sauce (which Houseguest cooked, as she knows more about asparagus than I do.)

    We are both really tired: she was up at 2 am her time (an hour ahead of ours) to drive to the nearest airport to fly to Atlanta, changes, and then fly to Austin. So as the sun goes down I’m about to faceplant in the bed.

    Thank you all for your comments; I may make more sense in a few days (Houseguest and I are planning a LOT of cooking and also walking on the land and talking.)

  5. My pre-order arrived on Good Friday and it was a great treat to read on Easter weekend! Thanks! And I look forward to “Into the Fire,” although I hope you get a good break soon, too. 🙂

    Daniel, I liked the National Geographic article. Here’s one for you: about entrepreneurs preparing for human-computer interfaces. It might not be as worrisome as infectious modifications, but I can imagine a lot of undesirable outcomes from computer augmentation (from the personal: bad doctors lobotomizing patients; to the societal: crime gangs holding people with implants hostage in their own minds with ransomware or rampant unemployment even worse than things like self-driving cars look to make it; to the existential: an “arms” race of AIs that results in an unbridled world war). There might be a lot of really good things that come out of it, but having seen what the internet started out as and has turned into, I imagine there will be as much bad as there is good.

  6. Finished Cold Welcome this morning, great read! I’ll read it a little more slowly in a few days. And you sure deserve a good break!

  7. Pre-orderd “Cold Welcome” and read it almost immediately. I am very glad to know there will be at least one more book in this series.
    I am also heartened to hear that you had a nice Easter. I know that we need the rain here but I am getting terribly tired of having mud tracked into the house.
    Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your books for many years now and have always wanted to let you know that you have a local fan.

  8. Got my copy Thursday before Easter and devoured it, but forgot to log in and say Thank you!
    Looking forward to the next one, but yes, take care of yourself first and foremost.

  9. I loved Cold Welcome and enjoy all your writing. (I also just reread the Vatta series). I enjoy the mysteries that Cold Welcome leave us with too.
    It sounds like you have been working very hard and time to recharge the batteries will be good.
    Thank you for your great characters and adventures that I get to enjoy time and again.

    1. Usually paperback editions are released after hardcovers, for those books that are first released in hardcover; electronic editions are released at the same time. None of this is under the writer’s control; the publisher makes the decisions on release types and release timing.

  10. Today I went to a B&N store to see if they had anything new. “Cold Welcome” caught my eye immediately, and of course I had to have it to keep my collection current. I did wonder why I had not seen it before now but it doesn’t matter, I am happy for the next month or so just to read a new book from one of my favorite authors.

    1. Thanks for that–I don’t know why it wasn’t there earlier (though I can hope it’s because they kept selling out of it just before you walked in ) but I’m glad you found it.

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