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From Booklist‘s review: “Moon returns to hard sf after nearly eight years, visiting familiar characters from the Vatta’s War series. Though it is intended as an alternate entry in the series, readers need not have read the previous books to enjoy this
one; Moon provides enough backstory to fill in any blanks. A gripping page-turner with enough twists and turns to satisfy even the most hardened sf reader, this is a great return to the tales of the Vatta family.”    My quote here excises the plot summary they started with to avoid both spoilers and errors.

And from Publishers Weekly:  “Nebula winner Moon’s popular far-future Vatta’s War series roars on after a break of nearly a decade with this extended survival-and-rescue mission. (again excising spoilers and some errors…) Familiar and colorful characters resurface, such as Ky’s rakish lover, Rafe Dunbarger, CEO of the vast Interstellar Communications, and Ky’s redoubtable great-aunt Grace Vatta, baker of clandestine fruitcakes and head of Slotter Key’s planetary defense. Abounding with a new set of piratical baddies, ramped-up military slang, assorted betrayals, and echoes of Shackleton’s incredible cold-weather trek, this lengthy space opera alternates among Ky in the planet’s coldest regions and a spooky tunnel environment, Aunt Grace’s political and economic machinations in the planetary capital, and Rafe’s paramilitary derring-do, all typical though flamboyant elements of Moon’s sci-fi mystery-action saga.

Editor and Author are both delighted by these reviews.   Any review with “gripping page-turner” in it can be forgiven for mistakes, and ditto one that says a previous series “roars on” into the new story line.

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  1. Congratulations for the successful website move, the good reviews, and especially, the successful completion of another trip around the Sun. May there be many more good reviews and successful trips. (Not wishing website moves, however successful, on anyone! 🙂 )

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