100,000 Celebration!!

Manuscript is now at 100,000 plus words.   It’s also after midnight, so I’m two plus hours late getting to bed, but the glittery zeros up ahead just would not let me rest.   Wheeee!!  Day’s accomplishments: laundry, 3 loaves of homemade bread, beans on to soak for bean soup, and reaching 100,000 words.

6 thoughts on “100,000 Celebration!!

  1. It was. Today has involved somewhat of a struggle with the Penguin Random Author Portal Survey, starting with being unable to get IN at first (lost username & password. Naturally) And then with not being able to add data in some fields even when there’s + Add button, and with some things refusing to save. If there’s a way to have trouble with a survey, I will have that trouble. (Many thanks to the kind person who helped me regain access to the Portal itself, though. Virtual gold stars and favorite candies for her.)

    However, though I’m not finished with today’s work on the book, it’s now at 102,500 words. Major Palnuss has met Major Hong, to the mutual satisfaction of both; a certain bent Colonel is in custody; some of the lost has been found (although where it was found and by whom may change…it’s one of those flexible sections.) I need to figure out just where Bad Guy X has gone, and who he’s meeting up with. There’s part of the Mmmph that I haven’t yet completely figured out. (You can’t know about the Mmmph yet; it would spoiler COLD WELCOME.)

    Sometimes knitting will clear up confusions in the book for me, so I spent an hour this afternoon knitting (straight knitting on the foot of a sock–no increases, no decreases, no purl stitches, just knit-knit-knit around and around, while thinking about the Mmmph. Unfortunately, just as something was beginning to glimmer in the mysterious darkness, the phone rang. It was one of those robo calls “This is the call you requested with information about back brace–” At which point the glimmer disappeared and I snarled at the phone “I DID NOT REQUEST A CALL!” So…I dunno. We keep getting this call, several times a week, and no, we did not request it. Do not want it.

    I’ve now had supper and will attempt to nudge the Mmmph forward a step or so. Bach was working this morning; maybe it’ll work tonight.

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