The Story Continues to Grow

45,000 words as of today at 3:30 pm.   It was 40,000 when I left for WorldCon.   It’s proceeding like a healthy story, throwing off complications that may or may not turn into subplots, casting its hooks backward into previous books to pull things together, and revealing new characters who are, so far, being interesting.  Last night and today, two corporate attorneys with a specialty in…wait, that’s a spoiler…rats.  Anyway:  two corporate attorneys with very different personalities.  One of them has a perky legal assistant.   One of them may need a name change because I keep having to look up how to spell his name.  If I can’t remember his name right, some of you may have problems with it.    See what you think:  Ventoven, Howard Raul.


3 thoughts on “The Story Continues to Grow

  1. He could be Howard Ventoven or Howard R. Ventoven to me, maybe he insists on telling you his middle name but do I need to know it? (Splitting the difference between Paul and Raoul – um? Where does that come from?) I’d mentally pronounce his surname as Ven`to`ven (rhyming with Beethoven). Or is it a choice? Ventoven as one option (no problem) Howard Raul the other (slight temptation to misspell as Howard Rawl, but seeing it on the page would keep me straight).

    1. Thanks for that. I think I’ll leave him Howard Raul (in local Sp. pronunciation it’s Rah-OOL.)

      Today it’s at 47,000+ a little, and someone who wants to intercept someone as they enter their own gated driveway should be aware of whether or not the person’s security detail is close behind. Not yet sure if it’s a boon or a curse to have an attorney in the house at the time.

    2. Howard Raoul? (not having grown up near the Mexican border exposed to Spanish names, I for one could do with the clue to pronunciation)

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