So the good news is that the new one–still with no title ideas–just crossed the 10,000 word mark, and is presently on page 52.    This is of course the very first draft, but it’s promising and it feels “right” so far.  (Not every word and punctuation mark, but enough Story in the story to be developing some momentum.)   The new sleep regimen helps.  I’m waking up naturally in the mornings and wake ready to write on it most days.   So far it looks like 1.5 to 2 hours of morning  writing about 5 days a week will produce a practical amount of material to work with.

So hurrah for more sleep and better routines in general (a houseguest and I, last week, sort of bent some of the rules because we don’t get to see each other even once a year, most years.   But we had wonderful meals and lots of good talk and laughter.  Laughter’s healthy.)

Vatta07 (its use-name for now) is alive.   No snippets yet.   I’m not ready to say when the next marker will show up, even though I have mentioned a schedule…I need more weeks to find out how it’s actually going to work over the long haul.  And in August there’s WorldCon in Kansas City.

9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Getting enough sleep so you wake up naturally is wonderful. I’m glad it’s working for you, and of course rules have to be broken for old friends.

    1. I hadn’t–that’s brilliant. Bet they had a lot of fun designing and making it. That description doesn’t say what they used as a power source for movement and rat cells heart, though. With a ray, and clear water, you’d think you could use thin-film solar panels on the “wings” but the heart’s rat cells would need glucose and other stuff.

    2. It’s springy so the constricting and relaxing of the rat cells laid in a serpentine pattern make the wings undulate and provide propulsion.

      Feeding the cells, I didn’t see the answer. A wild guess is that there’s sugared gel inside the body–or should I say chassis?

      Anyone know the correct terminology for the bodies of cybernetic constructs? Living in the future is great but a bit confusing.

  2. I noticed in the full article that it’s swimming in a nutrient bath with glucose to power the muscle cells. Correct terminology–I think bionic gets it down, but cybernetic would also work–combination of biology & robotic techniques.

  3. I don’t know if it was that article, but I read that it was swimming in a salt and nutrient solution, not just clear water.

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