The List

Every construction project comes with a list of remaining things to do before the owner signs off on it…this one too.  Getting the browser tab to show anything  is…being difficult.  Some interior links are being constructed (separate issue.)

And larger on my list than this are the book revisions, so I’m signing off for awhile.  I’ll check in a couple of times more today,  hoping to report items checked off the list

3 thoughts on “The List

  1. So…as those coming back will notice (and those coming in won’t) already Waystation Huygen has had a makeover. The old theme that worked so well (and still works well) on the other blogs wasn’t working well with the newer WordPress software, giving us constant problems, so this one has replaced it. It’s still a gorgeous view out that long, long window. Don’t worry; all harmful radiation is filtered out before it gets to you.

    The list is shorter and shorter.

    1. Exactly. The Mikado’s “little list” turned out to be quite long; my own “little list” among politicians is also quite long, but the list for this place is (aside from my annoyance with the person who designed the theme, not that *I* want to design a theme from the ground up) now all scratched off. Something may come up, but it hasn’t yet.

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