Welcome to Universes

Welcome…come on in, find a seat, or just stand there by the hundred meter viewport and gaze upon the immensity you traversed to arrive here.

Where is this?    Why wasn’t it listed on your travel documents?

The exact coordinates are indeterminate, but don’t worry–the structure’s sound.   On navigation terminals, this is Waystation Huygens, a transportation hub where, as we like to say, universes touch at the margins.   You can get there (any of many somewheres) from here.  Only the crew live here; for others, it’s a place where their transportation is reconfigured and readied for the next stage of the voyage,  and where they–that is, you, the traveler–can stretch your legs, enjoying whatever time you have between arrival and departure.

More specifically, this is the Universes Grande Promenade, and anyone who travels through should pause, contemplate variant realities from a usually-safe distance, and mingle with other travelers.   No matter how many other Waystations you’ve visited, Huygens has unique opportunities for the most seasoned traveler.  We offer quiet corners for conversation, excellent dining, live music, and both a dance floor and a game space.  Other amenities on Huygens have access portals from the Promenade.

Visitors are advised to learn more about this facility in the About and Policies pages.  Stationmaster Moon welcomes you and her Security Staff are on constant duty to ensure the safe operation of this Waystation.

Look–there’s an open table–why not settle in for an hour or so?

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Universes

  1. Let me be the first one through the door to congratulations on the shiny new transfer hub. Looks good. Plan on passing through many times.

  2. Hi! Glad to see you here. As first through the door, you’re entitled to one free menu item of your choice. Please choose from the display on your table. (A hint: the deep-fried Lassaferan snailfish tails on a stick are especially good–just got a fresh shipment of the live fish in…but should you prefer vegetarian, we recommend sliced prapple with a tik-nut puree. But by all means, if you spot another favorite, feel free to choose.)

    1. Good to see you. I call your attention to the exquisite yarns from Callego, a 40/60 blend of hiphiss underfur (indigenous species there) and imported alpaca in all gauges. Available in “Start Your Needles,” fifth shop on the left down the Promenade from Universes. Tell Dacey I sent you and she’ll give you a good deal, but the stuff is still pricey. I happen to know they have a stunning blue heather in stock.

  3. I have added this to my RSS Reader Feedly but having seen that your website is not identified (it is blank) in the abstract title I am reporting a minor bug!

    1. Let’s blame my techtalkFAIL on the fact I’ve been sick for over a week. What exactly does that mean, “build an RSS for this…”? I probably will be OK, but would rather have a clearer idea of what it is before bouncing up and down with glee that someone other than me is building it.

    2. My more tech-minded and non-sick friend explained your request to me–so I’m completely OK with this. Sorry to be so blurry-headed. (Getting better, but slower than I’d like.)

  4. For latecomers: a reminder that as this waystation connects to multiple universes, sometimes a portal is closed. If you wish to leave comments/questions for other travelers through, or the staff, it’s wise to choose one of the more recent portals.

    Note: This comment refers to the “Welcome” portal (February 2016) where comments are now closing. The Welcome, however, is still open. Never mind the physics of that impossibility, it falls under Stationmaster’s Discretion.

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