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The Writing Adventure

LinkWhat is Story?

LinkCreating Characters


LinkWhat's Your Problem

LinkMotivation: Attaching Character to Plot

LinkRevision: Making It All Better

LinkWant to Write for Publication?

LinkHelp! I can't write! or How to Identify the Dread Writer's Block and Its Relatives

LinkThe Writer and Depression

Wildlife Management

LinkFAQ: Our Wildlife Management Project

LinkSpecies Richness: Diversity as a Measure of Management Success
LinkPlant list
LinkBird list
LinkOther wildlife list
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LinkEssay on Autism and list of related books

Political Commentary

LinkFerguson, Missouri: Jesus Wept

LinkOne Child: Why We Must Protect Everyone's Health-care

LinkGeorge W. Bush's Economic Policies: How to Create Debt and Depression

LinkGeorge W. Bush's Military "Record": Not That of a Patriot

LinkGeorge W. Bush's Record as Commander in Chief

LinkGlobal Warming & Human Survival


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