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October 2017Infinite Stars, ed. Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Titan Books, ebook and print October 17, 2017. "All in a Day's Work"

"All In a Day's Work" falls between the end of Vatta's War and the beginning of Vatta's Peace, just before Ky is assigned her new aide. She finds adjusting to a peacetime space fleet less than thrilling, and politics more difficult than combat. But any time she can escape to space with her flagship, there's the possibility of something more interesting than desk work. As in this story.

Originally (but making the story too long) Ky's first encounter with Commander Jen Bentik was at the end of this story, and offered insights into their future relationship in Cold Welcome, the first volume of Vatta's Peace. Here's a link to that encounter, posted on the Universes blog.


Summer 2012: Limits of Power, Book 4 of Paladin's Legacy is now in production and scheduled for release in June 2013. Next up, the copy edits, then the page proofs, and so on. Book 5, the last volume of Paladin's Legacy still untitled, is coming along...it's in the "daily grind" stage.

Kate Macdonald will discuss The Serrano-Suiza books, and especially Once a Hero, as #4 of a miniseries on Five Feminist Science Fiction Novels, she's doing, to be released on Friday 24 August. You can listen to it on www.reallylikethisbook.com, or you can subscribe to it on iTunes. Many of the other podcasts on this site are worth a listen, including categories of books about nature...."Five Classic Detective Novels, "Five Great Epic Poems You've Never Read" and more. The two in the Five Feminist Science Fiction Novels already out as of August 15 are John Wyndham's Trouble with Lichens and Anne McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang.

Random House will issue The Speed of Dark in a special 10th anniversary edition in early 2013 (exact date not certain.) I'll be writing a foreword to it.

November 2010: Orbit UK releases A Legacy of Honour, omnibus version of Surrender None and Liar's Oath

March 2010: The US release of Oath of Fealty is March 16. There will be a reading and book signing event on March 16 at Book People in Austin.

October 2009: Oath of Fealty, set in the Paksenarrion universe, comes out in March 2010. Some people have misunderstood the previous listing as meaning that readers needed to read the previous books in order to understand the new books, but that's not the case. Familiarity will enrich your experience but we (the editor and I) put a lot of effort into ensuring that the new group will be understandable without that. In addition, the dedicated website for this story universe offers background material to clear up any lingering confusion. Come visit Paksworld.com and join the discussion on the Paksworld blog.

Paksenarrion is not a viewpoint character but does appear in a minor role. The main viewpoint characters--her former commanders, Phelan, Dorrin, and Arcolin--all had a role in her life, and now we see the effect that she had had on them. When one of your soldiers turns into a paladin, nothing can stay the same.

Behind and above the immediate situations the characters must deal with, questions posed in the The Legacy of Gird surface and may be (I hope they are!) resolved in this group of books. Why did elves and humans flee from Old Aare? Who really caused the destruction there, and why and how?


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